A La Carte (October 29)

A La Carte (October 29)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

What If Thoughts Are Evil?

Have you ever been assaulted by thoughts you are sure weren’t your own? That’s the subject of this article.

Growing in Godliness One Step at Time

Scott Hurst: “Richard Sibbes and Malcolm Gladwell run in different circles. For one week, though, I shared a table with them (in book form) for a conversation about the pace of godliness.”

Reformation Week $5 Friday Sale

Today, Ligonier Ministries is celebrating Reformation Week with a special $5 Friday. More than 100 books, DVDs, digital downloads, and more are available for $5 each. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on trusted resources while supplies last. (Sponsored Link)

Time Is Short. Be Patient.

Megan Hill: “On the one hand, the shortness of time ought to make us rightly fear God and seek to obey him. We cannot waste time in impatient unrighteousness, squandering our moments in anger and anxiety, and be found grumbling when the Judge appears. On the other hand, the shortness of time ought to give us courage. One day very soon, our Lord will right all wrongs and judge all injustices.”

Plant a Tree, Have a Baby, Build a House

This article deals with the despair felt by so many people today—and especially young people—when they hear about the state of the world. (On a similar note, a recent newsletter from Suzy Weiss also highlights that despair.)

On reading

There are some good tips here about reading more and reading better.

Fear Not

Kristin says, “when I tell you that I am abiding in Scripture, understand that I have sought comfort elsewhere, and found it lacking. My Maker knows me better than anyone, and is with me in my fear and anguish. The Bible is a living gift, offering truth and healing, correction and comfort; a balm for our sore and wounded souls.”

Flashback: Does Premarital Pregnancy Nullify ‘Unequally Yoked’?

Where sin and ignorance have established deep roots, there will never be easy answers or painless solutions.

The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men. —E.M. Bounds

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