A La Carte (September 14)

A La Carte (September 14)

Good morning from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am here for just one night as I await a flight to Zambia where I will be settling in for a few days. So far the travel has been good and very bearable, and the jet lag has been manageable.

(Yesterday on the blog: If Satan Wrote a Book on Parenting)

Death and Dying: A Catechism for Christians

This is an outstanding resource on death, dying, and euthanasia.

The Secret to Loving Your Wife Better: Love Jesus Better

“I recently heard somebody say that one of the ways to endure well in ministry is to realize that ministry is not about you. It’s all about Jesus. The same is true of marriage. When you embrace that marriage is about Jesus first and you and your wife second, one of the secrets of a joyful, enduring marriage comes to light: love Jesus better, and you will love your wife better.”

Book Review by Nick Kennicott on: Rob Ventura’s New Commentary on Romans

Nick says, “This commentary will help busy students of the Word of God focus on the best of what’s available alongside a helpful, straightforward, practical, exegetical approach to the text.” (Sponsored Link)

When Your Visitors Do Not Return to Your Church

This article means to encourage church planters and revitalizers by explaining why visitors may not return to their church.

Why we are tempted not to pray

“Prayer should stupefy us. ‘You mean, this all-powerful God who keeps galaxies spinning is interested in you telling him about your day and might alter the course of the entire cosmos because you asked him if you could have a parking space?’ Yes.” If that’s true, why don’t we do it more and with greater confidence?

Ladies, Don’t Beat Your Pastors with the Rod of Titus 2

Bekka French has a caution for women based on Titus 2.

Don’t Miss Jesus in the Bible

It’s amazing to think this is even possible, yet it is: We can read the Bible while missing the key character in the Bible (and the whole point and purpose of the Bible).

Flashback: 5 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Dating Relationship

Here are some ways I’ve seen people ruin what could have been a beautiful thing.

Pastors offer both: care in public worship and cure in private pastoral care as needed. —Harold Senkbeil

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