A La Carte (September 15)

A La Carte (September 15)

Good morning from Kitwe, Zambia, where I’ve settled in for what should be a great weekend of listening to stories and attempting to describe just some of what God is up to in this part of the world.

Westminster Books is offering a deep discount on the Lungaard trilogy. If you haven’t read a lot of John Owen, Lundgaard’s works are a great gateway. You may also want to tune in for season 4 of their podcast The Afterword.

It has been just a bit of a slow stretch for Kindle deals but I continue to add them as I find them.

What’s the Big Deal about a New Papyrus with Sayings of Jesus?

What’s the big deal with that new papyrus we’ve been hearing about? Text & Canon explains.

We Are Repaganizing

This article is not written by a Christian but still shares an interesting perspective on what society will lose as it turns from its Christian roots back to paganism.

Selflessness and Sorrow: The Unknown Life of Joseph Scriven

Even if you don’t know Joseph Scriven’s name, I expect you know his most famous song. His story is worth reading.

What does it look like to glorify God?

What does it look like to glorify God? Steven Lawson gives his perspective in this brief video.

But Joy Comes With the Morning

Brianna reminds us that as we endure through the night we can know joy comes in the morning.

Understanding India’s Fascination with Prosperity Gospel Teachers

Arvind Balaram shares an interesting insider’s perspective on why India has a fascination with the prosperity gospel.

Flashback: The Ministry of Being a Little Bit Further Along

No church can remain healthy when it falls to the elders to give and the members to consume. Rather, the work of ministry within a local church is the privilege and responsibility of each of the people who makes that church their own.

Of one thing I am perfectly sure: Gods story never ends with ashes. —Elisabeth Elliot

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