A La Carte (September 3)

A La Carte (September 3)

Grace and peace to you today, my friends.

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Do Hurricanes Just Happen?

Jim Elliff says that “God is at work doing His perfect will, even during hurricane season. These spinning engines of destruction originate from Him as Ruler (first cause), through nature (second cause), all for His purposes.”


Kristin, meanwhile, is also thinking about storms. “As our grandson sleeps in his father’s arms, I see it so clearly. The sweet baby, limp and relaxed, trusts his father wholeheartedly. He is rocked, comforted, and held in unconditional love, wanting for nothing. If we are to be like Jesus, we, too, will sleep peacefully in the middle of life’s storms.”

The Metaverse

Gene Veith, on the other hand, is thinking about the looming Metaverse. “This is another chapter in our rebellion against creation, replacing what God has made with what we have made. To be sure, the Metaverse is a realm of illusion, not tangible entities that actually exist, a Gnostic phantasm that disappears if anyone tries to touch it.”

AGTV Continues to Grow 10 Months After Launching

AGTV is a kind of Netflix for Christian teaching. The network hosts over 800 hours of carefully curated content. Much of it is available for free. There is now a long list of premium content and exclusive films and series for AGTV subscribers. (Sponsors)

The Lord of The Lockdowns

From an Australian lockdown, Jon Coombs says, “As I plug away at doing the things I need to do, whether it’s family life or church life, I keep reminding myself that the Lord is the Lord of the lockdown.”

Does the Bible Limit Gender to Just Male and Female?

“There’s a trendy new idea that denies God created only two genders (male and female). What’s the proof? Frogs. That’s right. Proponents of this view claim frogs are evidence that the gender binary of the Bible is a myth. If you’re puzzled by this, that’s understandable.” I am, indeed.

Learning from the Hours

“Have you ever noticed that in Genesis chapter one, the days are the wrong way around?” T.M. Suffield explains why this is and why it may even be better to think about days and hours like that.

Flashback: Why Marriage Is Better Than Cohabitation

…marriage offers a number of important benefits that are absent from cohabitation—benefits that extend to couples, to their children, to their families, and to society as a whole.

Prayer must carry on our work as much as preaching; he preacheth not heartily to his people that will not pray for them. —Richard Baxter


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