A La Carte (September 6)

A La Carte (September 6)

Because it’s Labor Day, I’ll be posting only A La Carte today, and an article tomorrow.

Today’s Kindle deals include some good resources from Crossway.

(Yesterday on the blog: I’m Not All That Awesome)

Five Things to Say to Help a Depressed Christian

I don’t usually go for “five things” articles on serious topics, but in this case found these five things quite helpful. “Depression is suffering. It is deep pain that somebody lives with day-to-day. And sometimes, it’s even debilitating. It is complex and doesn’t go away overnight, and some people will live with it their entire life.”

Is Faith a Work?

“The Bible teaches we’re justified by faith alone and not by our works. But since this faith is ours, doesn’t that mean faith is a work?” Stephen Nichols answers.

Is Covid 19 Evolving? (Video)

I really enjoy Dr. Robert Carter’s videos at Biblical Genetics. In this new one he addresses whether or not COVID-19 is evolving.

I Despised Her to My Shame

“As we reflect on what is happening in Afghanistan right now, let us not only remember those precious few who already believe on Christ now facing violent persecution. Let us remember that Gospel seed has been spread there. Let us remember that many of God’s people worldwide have prayed for Afghanistan’s people. We must remember those that earnestly prayed and spoke while they could. May we pray for the many refugees who have fled, that they would readily seek and find Christ where they settle.”

Welcome to McChurch

“The days of being buried in the church where you were baptized and married are long gone for most. Ours is the age of the McChurch.” John Beeson explains.

God’s Great Gospel Question

“A lot of Christians think that Genesis 3:15 is the first foreshadowing of the gospel. I don’t think that’s quite right. Silence is judgment; speech is grace. The fact that God opened his holy mouth after creatures had rebelled against him is the first glimmer of gospel hope. That’s why it makes so much sense for the consummation of the gospel, Jesus Christ, to be referred to as ‘the Word.’ It’s speech that saves.”

Flashback: Parent Love and Grandparent Love

Let me offer two ways I believe grandparents can take on a role of spiritual influence in the lives of their grandchildren.

The true goal of life is not to be great, or to do great things, but to be just what God meant us to be. —J.R. Miller


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