A Practical Postmillennialism

A Practical Postmillennialism

My aim in this series is for the Church to abandon the defeatism we have been force-fed by Hal Lindsey, Left Behind, David Jeremiah, and even many of our Amillennial brothers and to embrace the Biblical case for the ongoing total victory of Jesus Christ.

Announcing a Brand New Series

In the same way you cannot play hopscotch in San Francisco without stepping on a heroin needle, you also cannot play in the halls of modern Christianity without very quickly bumping into one of her many idols. Evangelicalism, instead of being known for a bold addiction to Jesus, a committed love for the church and saints, or a lionhearted courage to see the world transformed by His Gospel, the church has unfortunately been fixated on “Moscow Moods,” big entertainment driven churches, shallow carnal worship styles, influence peddling among pagans, appearing winsome to God-haters, and an ethic that transforms absolutely nothing. If anything, it is evangelicalism who is slowly being conformed to the culture instead of the other, more Biblical, way around.

Somewhere along the way, it seems clear to me we have lost our zeal, lost our salt, and lost our stones. There are, of course, many reasons for this that should and very well could be explored. Yet, while the lethargy and impotence of the Western Church in the modern world could be laid at the feet of a thousand idols, I believe the eschatological sewage known as dispensationalism is an excellent place to begin applying the Postmillennial wet wipes. In the same way a parent cleans the soiled diaper out of love and care for the child, we who love Christ’s Church must discard the soggy polluted garments that dispensationalism have filled with odious piles of theological skoobala.

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