An Evolving Situation…

An Evolving Situation…

God is necessary to the reality of conscious sentient beings that survive death but also make evolutionary presumptions irrelevant. When God creates he makes development of biological kinds through billions of years irrelevant. They are necessary posits of materialistic atheism or pantheism but have no place in a Christian philosophy.

In Christian thought, non physical, sentient, conscious and personal being pre-existed the physical universe and so that is how we find the answer to the problem.

Personality is eternal and the universe is not.

Personality never had a beginning and has no ending and the material universe and everything in it is a thing created by God to serve a specific purpose.

It is a practical thing for the manifestation of the glory of God.

Modern philosophy (science) and ancient religion both tell us that essentially, living things and non living matter are the same thing. Being alive or a living being is a trick of perception. You only think you’re different from the dust and the coffee tables. We are in their philosophy reducible to physics and chemistry, predicable cause and effect relationships in space and time.

The universe came into being from and through unplanned, non consciousness material causes and all things are pre-determined and inevitable.

Theistic evolution is another form of this mythology that posits a being responsible for the imposition of the human animal in the history of the universe but is not itself fundamentally distinguishable from the universe itself.

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