Announcing The Missionary Conference

Announcing The Missionary Conference

This week the blog is sponsored by The Missionary Conference (October 2024, Jacksonville, FL). Plan to attend it to hear from John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, Kevin DeYoung, Conrad Mbewe, and many others. 

There are many, many Christian conferences, all with varying values. Why another conference? And why put missions front and center? Here are four reasons why the Missionary Conference is worth attending:

1. This conference celebrates the 500-year anniversary of William Tyndale translating the Scriptures into English.

In 1524, William Tyndale began the task of bringing the word of God into his native tongue, and in the process changed the world. Good missions have always been rooted in the Scriptures no matter the day and age. For English speakers, this achievement is worth remembering, pondering, and celebrating.

2. It is united by missions and speaks pointedly and practically.

While we remember and celebrate the work of Tyndale, the burning question remains, what of those who still have no gospel, no church, and no translation in their language? Sponsors like Desiring God, Crossway, Radius International, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and many more are united by the spread of the gospel to tongues that still live in darkness. This conference will speak to that task and how churches and individuals can be tangibly involved in
the Commission that still is binding on the church today.

3. It has a strong group of speakers who are passionate about biblical missions.

Hear from renowned preachers and teachers including John Piper, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Kevin DeYoung, Conrad Mbewe, Brooks Buser, Harshit Singh, and many others.

4. It features the premiere of the documentary film Missionary: Obeying the Great Commission.

The Missionary Project is a 5-year in-the-making film that focuses on six pioneer missionaries and a timeless theme exemplified in each of their lives. Each lesson is 35-45 minutes and will feature a study guide for Sunday Schools, Small Groups, and any group interested in diving deeper into missions. Each clip is shot on location where they grew up, went to church, where they served overseas, and many where their bodies were laid to rest.

The six missionaries are:

  • William Tyndale—The Primacy of Scripture
  • William Carey—Perseverance
  • Amy Carmichael—Singleness and the Sufficiency of God
  • Adoniram Judson—Suffering and the Sufficiency of God
  • Hudson Taylor—Culture and Language Fluency
  • John Paton—The Primacy of the Church

Join us for this remarkable one-time conference that will bring together hearts of thankfulness for what our God has done, and if He tarries, hopefulness in what He will do—even to the ends of the earth.

Register for the conference today:

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