Are the Stories of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas True?

Episode 734 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

1. If God cannot be in the presence of sin, why is Satan allowed to stand in God’s presence in the book of Job?

2. Do you know anything about the supposed letters about Jesus’s childhood? These stories are from other Gospels not in the Bible, and in them, Jesus’s father, Joseph, tells Jesus to stop using his powers because he was making living sparrows out of clay. What do you think of these stories?

3. God tells us not to lie or bear false witness, but isn’t this what Moses does when he tricks Pharaoh in Exodus 5?

4. An atheist friend of mine is getting a heart defibrillator put in and I am wondering if God blesses those who do not believe in him? If I prayed for him would God bless his health procedure?

5. I noticed in Luke 15-16 that Jesus says Satan inflicted an individual with a disease. How do we know when Satan is the one inflicting illnesses and which ones come about through other means?

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