As Chasm Widens, Traditional Anglicans Plot Faithful Future

As Chasm Widens, Traditional Anglicans Plot Faithful Future

The same-sex blessing decision by the CoE, with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s strong support, has prompted Global South leaders to declare that Welby has effectively abdicated his position as “first among equals” among Anglican bishops. Large English congregations, including St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, not only oppose these new blessings, but also seek connections with overseas Anglicans who uphold biblical teaching.

Faithful Anglicans from around the world gather this April in Kigali, Rwanda for the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), a renewal movement within the family of churches descended from the missionary activities of the Church of England.

I will participate as both a delegate from the Anglican Church in North America Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic and as media on behalf of the IRD, authoring reports that you’ll be able to read on this blog and in IRD’s publications. Find my coverage at IRD’s GAFCON archives here.

Big decisions are ahead for Anglicans seeking to plot out a faithful future: now is an especially urgent time.

A recent Church of England (CoE) General Synod decision to bless persons in same-sex unions places that church’s leadership outside of biblical orthodoxy, as revisionist U.S. Episcopal Church officials acted in 2003 – necessitating the creation of GAFCON as a faithful alternative.

The February vote for the bishops’ proposal widens a chasm between theologically orthodox Global South Anglicans and the CoE, which now jeopardizes the latter’s centrality within the Anglican Communion.

Global South churches in Africa are growing fast. Emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, and contending for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints has grown the Anglican Communion to its greatest size ever – the third largest family of churches worldwide.

Revisionist churches in America, Britain, Canada and elsewhere are surrendering to militant secularization and are fast shrinking.

But, faithful Christians persevere in ministering even in those places. This past month, Anglican Church in North America Archbishop and GAFCON Chair Foley Beach visited Wales to consecrate a new GAFCON-aligned bishop to serve congregations there.

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