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Road Trip DL: Tucker Carlson, Doug Wilson, and Pope Francis

Sounds like the beginning of a lame joke, doesn’t it? But, it was actually two topics, first, my responses to the Tucker Carlson/Doug Wilson program. Then, we looked at Pope Francis’ idea that homosexual men are working out “love.” The program started fine, then, our internet connection died (yes, we are working on improving that situation, but can’t do it on this trip) so we are just posting this now.
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A Sorta Radio Free Geneva from the New Rig

James White, April 11, 2024April 11, 2024, Debate, Exegesis, Provisionism, Radio Free Geneva, Reformed Apologetics, Road Trip, The Dividing Line, Theology Matters I really had not expected to get into this as deeply as we did, and this should have been a Radio Free Geneva, but be that as it may…we looked at the new film against “Once Saved, Always Saved,” listened to the opening section, talked about the necessary background issues, and then looked at the film’s vain attempt to get around Romans 8. Started preaching a few times, but, it was necessary. So, play your downloaded version of the RFG them before listening to this program, it will make you feel better!
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A Test DL of the New Rig

James White, April 9, 2024April 10, 2024, Abortion, Christian Worldview, Eschatology, Personal, Post-Evangelicalism, Road Trip, Roman Catholicism, The Dividing Line Well, I suppose the nice thing is the problem we had was net related, not related to our new set up. The equipment we have installed and set up in the new RV worked fine, but the net kept dropping out on us. I will have to set up Starlink as a back up for Thursday. Anyway, we talked a bit about the unit, the upcoming trip, and then played a clip from a fellow from Texas demonstrating how not to handle Scripture relating to the recent eclipse. Then we looked at Trump’s statement on abortion, a unanimous decision from the Arizona Supreme Court, and a brief look at the new Vatican statement on human dignity.
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In Memory of Pastor Dennis, Open Lines

Started off giving thanks for the life of Pastor Dennis Pillay in Durban, South Africa, a dear brother who passed into glory last week. Then we went to Zoom calls and covered topics such as the Descent of Christ, Catholic Answers, Christian YouTubers, the Lord’s Supper, philosophy and extra biblical language, and equal ultimacy. In-depth questions! We have an amazing audience! An hour and twenty minutes today.
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Jimmy Akin Debates Upcoming, then Open Phones

Spent a few minutes at the start predicting where the debates in a few weeks will go in Louisiana, then we started taking calls mainly on the topic of the five debates we did last month, hence discussions on the unitarianism debate, then moving on to the Flowers and Breda debates. Not sure when we will be doing another program, as we have much to do in prep for the next trip, but we will let you know!
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This Age is Passing Away: the Emptiness of Secularism, then Hebrews 10 for Resurrection Weekend

Well, evidently, I answered all possible questions on textual criticism, or, bored the world to death with that series, so we moved on to listening, sort of on the fly, to last weekend’s sermon by Johnny Hunt in which he once again did the “here’s the template, we are all going to keep repeating this, without modification, without accuracy, and

Peter Schild and Tobias Riemenschneider from Frankfurt, Germany, on the Dividing Line

Spent the first hour going over developments over the past few days, including discussions of the Washington Rally with the National Council of Churches, the MLK50 Conference, Martin Luther King’s own professed theology, Thabiti Anyabwile’s imputation of guilt to our grandparents, and finally Kyle J. Howard’s public statement that he would not feel “safe” meeting with me alone “as a

Provisionist Mythology Refuted with Full Documentation

Deadcast, i.e., once again, though we had perfect connectivity all weekend, 50 minutes before the program, BOOM, network outages. Rich has spent the past four hours since the program working on stuff, and, for the moment, we are back up and seemingly operational. For now. In any case, started off with the announcement of the 2012 Apologetics Cruise out of

The Marathon Ends: Final Road Trip DL (for Six Weeks Anyway)

Managed to pull off a solid internet connection from a slight wide spot in the road called Lordsburg, New Mexico (really sad little town…lots of abandoned buildings). We covered a wide variety of things, including announcing the upcoming debates, April 24th and 25th, in Lafayette, Louisiana, with Catholic Answers apologist Jimmy Akin (sola scriptura, and “How Does a Man Have Peace with God?”). We discussed conversion, anthropology, and more, looking at Ezekiel 36, Titus 2, and even an old article Robert Gagnon reposted about John 6:39.
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Road Trip DL: Stream Died in the Wilderness; Tuggy and Flowers Comments, More John 6.

Covered the waterfront today, so to speak, addressing issues such as news about the vaccines, Covid-19 manipulation, transgender insanity, etc., before talking briefly about “Christian Nationalism.” Then we addressed a few Craig Carter tweets, and then addressed the new book on “Ecclesial Exegesis.” We hope to do two more programs this week, one on Thursday, and one from ReformCon on

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