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Road Trip DL from Santa Fe

Had a great time on the program today, covering three items: first, reminding folks that we now have the great “Read My Book” debate from 2003 available in mp3 format now, here. Then we reviewed, very briefly, some of Bob Sungenis’ anti-Calvinism arguments from up in Newberg, and then launched into the real reason for the Radio Free Geneva, the

Twitter-Driven DL from Dolores, Colorado

Well, despite corresponding with Nadir Ahmed and letting him know that he would be treated fairly as a caller on the program, evidently, unless we arrange a full debate with him, he won’t call in. Oh well, we tried. We had a nice Muslim come into channel a few hours before the program, with whom we had a good conversation.

Road Trip Dividing Line: No, Seriously, STOP IT

More craziness today with people now going to Leviticus 8:23 and the placing of blood from the sacrifice of the ram on the right earlobe of Aaron, connecting this to Trump getting shot in the right ear. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s truly cultic, and we discussed it, along with other developments in the assassination attempt, Biden’s sudden contracting of Covid (hmmm), and, most importantly, the official abandonment of even playing the game that the RNC cares about marriage, the pre-born, morality, etc. They are truly just the DNC in slo-mo now. Very sad to see. Read a thread from Dusty Deevers discussing the issue.Also announced that we will be starting the raffle for this gorgeous blade from Derek Melton later this week. Proceeds go to the Travel Fund. Check it out!
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Road Trip Dividing Line

Did a program from my location in northern AZ and Starlink worked great for us today! Very pleased with that to be sure. Covered developments in the Republican Party (abandoning a biblical view of marriage and softening their position on abortion), the attempted assassination of Trump, the wild and crazy stuff being said about Mary saving Trump, or Ephesians 6:11, etc., as well as Todd Starnes’ amazingly embarrassing tweet about leaving any church that did not discuss the assassination attempt on Sunday.
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The Changing World of Mormonism…and the Vatican

   It is rare that you get to provide such a contrast as this, but this one is great. First, start out with this blog entry by Steve Ray, Catholic apologist who, ironically, just finished a DVD about the Apostolic Fathers. Why is it ironic? Well, read on. Look at his entry and see if he interacts with anything relevant to

Raffle Winners, the Suicide of the West, God’s Law, the New Hays book, Francis Does It Again

Had our raffle for the Jeffery Rice rebind and the layered cross Rich made right at the start of the program. Then we talked a bit about Jake Brancatella and a situation in his life, and then dove into the many examples of the suicide of the West that came out over the weekend. We moved to Jonathan Merritt’s article promoting the new revisionist book on homosexuality coming in September, and closed up looking at Francis assigning yet another compromised theologian to a high level committee, part of the continuing compromise of the Roman Church at its highest levels.
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Eucharistic Miracles and the Modern Roman Catholic Situation

Jumped off from a few Twitter conversations to discuss “eucharistic miracles” and related topics, all pretty much on Roman Catholicism. I did start of the show with Biden’s “I am not going to drop out, and we will beat Donald Trump in 2020!” statement from earlier today.
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SCOTUS Madness, Then Open Phones

Started off giving thanks for the life of Pastor Dennis Pillay in Durban, South Africa, a dear brother who passed into glory last week. Then we went to Zoom calls and covered topics such as the Descent of Christ, Catholic Answers, Christian YouTubers, the Lord’s Supper, philosophy and extra biblical language, and equal ultimacy. In-depth questions! We have an amazing

Let’s Make Cyril Lucaris Great Again!

Surely one of the most eclectic DL’s in our history, any only partially on purpose! I had intended to address three issues: the discussion over on the ETC blog, some comments on the deep insights available from the 119th Psalm, and a discussion of the Islamic understanding of the nature of man as created by God. Got to all three,

Presidential Debate, Latin Mass, the God of Purpose and Glory

Well, I did say it would be an experiment, and, well, it was a failed experiment. I thought it would be cool to let folks get in touch via Zoom and ask about a textual variant they particular are interested in. I get folks contacting me privately about things like that all the time. So, we fired stuff up, opened

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