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Maintaining Sanity in Today’s Insane World

So much of today’s discussion in our society is focused directly on foundational Christian truths, and yet most in the church are silent, or confused. We discuss more developments in the collapse of our society’s cohesion regarding sex, marriage, and simple human existence, and look at two videos, one including Jim Wallace, the other the “Amen Church” in Dallas.
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Responding to Rome Including a Review of Indulgentiarum Doctrina

Took a few minutes to look at the new Obscurity of Scripture book and its two references to me, which led to a discussion of Jason Stellman, and then on to the document Indulgentiarum Doctrina. Finished up the program with a warning about legislation being introduced in California, Washington, and Minnesota, giving the State the power to take away your children so as to mutilate them for life. Yes, I’m serious. The evil insanity knows no bounds.
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Lots of Topics on the DL Today

Had a lot of mini issues to discuss at the top, then looked at an example of horrible racism, then discussed Derek Webb’s comments on a video posted by Leighton Flowers, then looked at the language used by Credo Magazine in self-defining “orthodoxy.”

J.E. Smith and the Action of the Son in Philippians 2

James White, March 21, 2023March 21, 2023, Exegesis, Pastoral Theology, Pauline Studies, Reformed Baptist Issues, The Dividing Line, Theology Matters, Thomism The entire program today in the big studio was to deal with the action of the divine Son in considering the equality He had with His Father and concluding that His equality was not to be held onto at all costs but, rather, that He would enter into human existence in the incarnation. We walk through the text on the big board and conclude that it is a perfectly valid question to ask what it means that the Son could contemplate His equality with the Father as a unique action on His part. Enjoy!
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A Multi-Faceted Dividing Line

James White, March 16, 2023March 16, 2023, Abortion, Christian Worldview, Church Fathers, Church History, Debate, Exegesis, Homosexuality, Pastoral Theology, Personal, Post-Evangelicalism, Reformed Baptist Issues, Roman Catholicism, The Dividing Line, Theology Matters, Thomism Covered a wide variety of things yet again on the program today, so a little something for everyone. Started off with the new Roman Catholic apologetics book against Scripture titled, “The Obscurity of Scripture,” and talked a bit about the obscurity not of Scripture, but of Rome itself. We also spent some time reading through Schaff’s discussion of Pope Honorius. Then we moved over to the topic of my sermon from Sunday at Apologia and considered the suffocating application of external philosophical systems when it comes to the breadth and depth of divine revelation. Talked for a while about the upcoming Saddleback appeal with the SBC, and finished off with a quick review of the incredibly childish comments of the Lt. Governor of Minnesota. Also, don’t forget, if you would like to send in a note about how Alpha and Omega Ministries has impacted your life for our 40th Anniversary celebration, you can do so by sending them to testimonies@aomin.org!

Jeff Durbin’s Pink Tie, Trent Horn and the Word of God

James White, March 14, 2023March 14, 2023, Debate, Homosexuality, Personal, Post-Evangelicalism, Reformed Apologetics, Roman Catholicism, The Dividing Line Had some enjoyable banter in response to Jeff Durbin’s live Facebook video from yesterday, and then we moved into considering some of the comments made by Trent Horn after his debate with Gavin Ortlund on sola scriptura. Some very interesting and important directions are being mapped out that are relevant for everyone interested not only in Roman Catholic apologetics, but in the sufficiency and defense of Scripture as a whole.
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First Road Trip DL in NEW Mobile Command Unit!

James White, March 9, 2023March 9, 2023, Christian Worldview, Debate, Homosexuality, Personal, Post-Evangelicalism, Road Trip, Roman Catholicism, The Dividing Line I am on the road, only about ninety minutes from home, doing a quick, brief shake-down run with the new fifth wheel. Have to test all the systems out to make sure we are ready to head to Utah in a few weeks for the debate at the University of Utah! We started out reviewing some of the key issues raised in the discussion Jeff Durbin and I had with Brandan Robertson that premiered today on Apologia Radio (click here). Then we connected these issues with an odd element of Trent Horn’s argumentation against sola scriptura, as discussed on the preceding episode of the Dividing Line. Our sincere thanks to all who have donated to help us press forward with our mobile studio project. Please continue to help us by going here and using the drop-down menu to choose the mobile studio project! Still much to do (and to pay for!).

A Twitter Based Dividing Line

Covered the waterfront today, so to speak, applying Christian worldview principles to a bunch of stuff that came up on my social media feed, including designer babies, gay mirage, and a bunch of broke wokeness. Started preaching a few times, I’ll admit, and Squirrel did his best to distract me, too, that mischievous little rodent!

Apologizing for the Bible, Textual Critical Issues and the TR

James White, February 28, 2023February 28, 2023, CBGM, Debate, Eastern Orthodoxy, King James Onlyism, Personal, Post-Evangelicalism, Textual Issues, The Dividing Line, TROnlyism Back in the regular studio today. Started off with a personal response to Andy Stanley on his apologizing for Christians seeking to apply “Christian rules” to non-Christians, and then looked a bit at Reuben Swanson’s books on the text of the NT (in reference to Thomas Ross’ use thereof), finishing with a read-through of Brett Mahlen’s chapter on why he adopted TR Onlyism.
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