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60 Questions for Pro-Choice Christians

You may have considered all of these questions before. You may not have ever considered any of these questions before, but they are certainly worth considering before condemning the position the church of Jesus Christ has held for a couple millennia.

For many evangelicals, the leaked draft decision last month felt like the culmination of many prayers, tears, hard conversations, and difficult decisions at the voting polls. Now that Roe has fallen, the most vulnerable will now have a chance to be legally protected in some states and the pro-life movement will have some headway into the culture.
For many of our neighbors, the overturning of Roe and Casey is a sign of an upcoming theocratic takeover filled with fundamentalist extremism. A woman’s fundamental right to choose, which we have been told is paramount, is now under assault.
As Jonathan Haidt has pointed out, we are not getting better at debating and we have little to no tolerance when it comes to embracing tough conversations. Social media, institutional overreach into politics, and polarization are all factors, but I wonder if another contribution is something we have lost along the way.
Jesus asked over 300 questions to his friends, disciples, adversaries. He was fully God, fully man and knew full well the answers, yet he asked many questions.
With that I have 60 questions for any Christian who identifies as pro-choice. These are not meant to be dismissive, snarky, or rhetorical. They are much more helpful than calling an entire segment of people “bigots” or “baby murderers.”

Are all humans made in the image of God?
How do you think Genesis 1:27 can speak into the abortion discussion?—And God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him, male andfemale He created them.
Is a fetus a “potential human life” or a “human life with potential” (if you don’t intentionally end it)
Is the life that is being ended through abortion worthy of protections?
How can Proverbs 6:17 help us think about abortion?—“The LORD hates those who shed innocent blood.”
Is life within the womb innocent?
What do you think of the fact that there is entirely new, separate human DNA in the fetus at the moment of conception?—medlineplus
What do you think of Jeremiah 1:5 telling us that a person exists even before that person’s birth
Is the life within the womb human?
When does a person deserve rights?
What is an abortion?
Have you ever seen an abortion?
Do you think the pro-choice / pro-abortion position aligns more closely to a Biblical worldview than the pro-life / anti-abortion position?
In America, it is illegal to kill a bald eagle, carrying a maximum fine of $250,000 or two years in prison. And the law extends to the eggs of the bald eagle, making no differentiation between a living bald eagle and a pre-born bald eagle. Why should a bald eagle egg have more protection than an unborn baby?
Does the Bible provide us reliable wisdom on how to think about abortion?
Did you know that followers of Jesus have been distinctly pro-life and anti-abortion since the 1st century A.D.?—Justin Taylor’s Did the Early Church Oppose Abortion?—For instance, the Didache 2.2 (c. A.D. 85–110) commands, “thou shalt not murder a  child by abortion nor kill them when born.”—Another non-canonical early Christian text, the Letter of Barnabas 19.5 (c. A.D. 130),said: “You shall not abort a child nor, again, commit infanticide.”
How do you think God is most glorified through the various abortion methods? (Vacuum Aspiration, Abortion poison pill, Dilation & Evacuation)
What do you think your view on abortion testifies to how God views children?
How does God view children?
When should abortion be legally allowed?

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