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Does the Bible Mandate Nice Language When Condemning Evil?

Children must be taught to feel love for the good and feel hatred for that which is evil, which is wholly different from hating people. True love requires first knowing what is true and good. Affirming in and to people that which God detests is not love; affirming in and to people that which God detests is detestable. “Progressives” understand that the emotions must be trained, which is why they use the arts—especially our myth-making machine—Hollywood—and public schools to shape the hearts of America’s children. Tragically, since “progressives” don’t know truth, they’re training America’s children to love evil and hate good.

While their sanctimonious and empty proclamations of fealty to inclusivity, love, tolerance, unity, autonomy, freedom, and diversity echo systemically throughout American institutions, leftists reveal their inky underbellies rotted with hypocrisy and depravity when they screech hater and hurl death wishes at Christians who dare to disagree boldly with critical race theory or evil ideas related to sexuality.
But it’s not just leftists, secularists, and atheists who faux-tie their panties in a twist about bold language from Christians. Even many conservatives get the heebie-jeebies if Christians use bold language. And some of those conservatives are Christians themselves.
Every Christian on the frontlines of the culture war has experienced the voluntary social distancing of brothers and sisters in Christ who don’t want to be tainted by friendship with cultural lepers. We all know the experience of having friends or colleagues either secretly whisper their thanks for our work, or avoid us entirely, or turn against us. There’s no skin in the game for many Christians when the game gets rough. Instead of marching into battle accoutered with the armor of God, they scuttle into their safe havens accoutered with protective platitudes acceptable to God’s enemies.
All those legions of “winsome” Christians holed up in their bunkers hoping no unbelieving colleague learns they disapprove of homosexuality get the vapors if a brother or sister in Christ calls a pro-choicer a child-sacrifice celebrant or a homosexual teacher who ideologically grooms kindergartners a pervert.
A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about the superintendent of a large Illinois high school district who sexually integrated all locker rooms in the five-school district—a decision so wicked that all Christians should have felt enraged.
He was aided and abetted by wealthy Hollywood Matrix director “Lana” Wachowski—a man who pretends to be a woman—homosexuals from outside the district, and a school board member with a vile sexuality podcast for children. In strong language, I wrote about this evil action and the vipers who promoted it.
In response, I received an email from a conservative Christian who identified herself as the “dean of rhetoric” in a “Christian co-school.” She chastised my “language and tone,” saying that she found them “disturbing.” She criticized the “vitriol and loaded language … name calling and hyperbole” and “uncharitable language,” saying it “would never be tolerated” in her rhetoric classes, that she was “disappointed to read” such language, and that she found my “writing style offensive.”
So, a Christian is teaching children that the use of biblical language and tone is sinful even when describing egregious sin.
I asked if she had ever sent an email with as much passion and strong language as the one she sent to me to any of the many political leaders, public school teachers, administrators, or heretical “Christian” leaders who promote sexual deviance to children. No response.
“Much of what “progressives” affirm as good and true seems to be sexual desires that originate in their dark bellies—or what in The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis calls the seat of mere animal appetites.
Lewis argues that to protect against domination by our imperious appetites, human emotions must be properly trained:
Without the aid of trained emotions, the intellect is powerless against the animal organism…. The little human animal will not at first have the right responses. It must be trained to feel pleasure, liking, disgust, and hatred at those things which really are pleasant, likeable, disgusting and hateful.
How do Christians who favor warm milquetoasty language at all times intend to train human animals of all sizes to feel disgust and hatred of those things which really are disgusting and hateful while using only warm milquetoasty language?
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