Randy Alcorn

What Will My Happiness Look Like in Heaven?

God offers all of his children joy in Christ now. But compared to heaven, those are just mere glimpses of what is to come.

Christian Joy and Feasting

Throughout the Scriptures, God’s people feast as an expression of their joy in the Lord. What would it look like for the church to be known for celebration and joy?

The Two Sworn Enemies of Our Joy

Sin and anxiety threaten to still our happiness every day. Thankfully, Jesus offers us greater pleasure than sin and an antidote to all our worry.

If God Is Happy, Why Does He Seem Bad-Tempered?

As we read the Bible, we see a God who is righteously angry at sin. But we can’t let that overshadow the reality that God is a fundamentally happy being.

Is Happiness Different from Joy?

We often hear that joy and happiness are fundamentally different. But does this idea actually hold up to the way the Bible presents the concepts of happiness and joy to us?

What Age Will I Appear in Heaven?

Questions abound when it comes to our eternal home. What about our bodies? What age will we appear in heaven?

Sex in Heaven?

Does a sexless heaven sound boring to you? Randy Alcorn explains how our marriage to Jesus will enhance our earthly relationships, not diminish them.

Travel in Heaven?

Randy Alcorn argues that bucket lists have little merit for Christians who will have the new creation at their fingertips to enjoy to the glory of God.

Sports in Heaven?

Sports bring out the best and the worst in people, so will there be sports in heaven? Randy Alcorn shares his thoughts.

What Will Be Familiar to Us in Heaven?

How different will we and the realities around us be in the new earth as compared to the old? Randy Alcorn answers, “Perhaps not much.”

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