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Road Trip DL: Fridge Disaster, Breda/Garza Reply

My apologies, but I’ve pushed too hard today and the voice isn’t going to make it for a DL. I did an hour long program this morning back in MA, and it started falling apart then, and joined with an hour long conference call this morning, well, if I am going to be able to speak Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,

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I’m sort of in El Paso (but not quite), with one more stop tomorrow night before I get home. I was going to hoof it straight from here, as it is surely do-able, but the long, long hours are piling up after more than two weeks, so safety suggested stopping at an RV park I know halfway home tomorrow. Anyway,

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Streaming live on Twitter (X) Dividing Line will be LIVE at 6:00pm EDT Zoom CallsScreening begins at 5:45pm EDTWant to call in today? Be sure to watch this video for how to use Zoom to call in. While we now use TwitterX for livestreaming the Zoom process is the same.Meeting ID: 852 4016 1262 Passcode: 310579
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Christ is King, Yes, Yes He is!

After a quick update on our travel issues/situation, we started to comment on the “Christ is King” controversy, digging down a bit into the theology and context of the statement and what it means. We also looked at some folks claiming “replacement theology” (it’s fulfillment theology, but they don’t want to view it fairly) is actually heretical. Then we played a few clips from the Provisionist Playground and provided correction. Again, if you would like to help get me to Louisiana for the upcoming debates, and help with the Road Trip DL set up in the new unit, the travel fund pull down menu can be found by clicking here. Thank you!
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Covered two topics mainly today, with two brief calls interspersed. First played Adam’s call to Steve Gregg. Adam is a Catholic Answers forums user, and, true to form, repeated the ever-growing, and still utterly inane “38,000 Denominations” falsehood within the first fifteen seconds or so. Then we took some calls, and moved on to Adam Harwood’s presentation at the John

RV News, Then Hebrews 1:10-12 and Dale Tuggy

Rich Pierce, March 20, 2024March 20, 2024, Debate, General Apologetics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Personal, The Dividing Line, Uncategorized, Unitarianism Went over what has been going on over the past few days about our RV—and that fact that we needed to make arrangements to obtain a different one, due to it being defective and needing to be rebuilt. Went through the whole story, mainly for our supporters, as we will need to raise some funds to make up the differences in the trade-in, upgrading our hitch, etc., and all in a matter of weeks since I need to head out in about four weeks for the debates with Jimmy Akin in Louisiana. If you can help us, you can donate to the Travel Fund here. Then we moved over to the Big Board and looked at Hebrews 1:10-12, and Dale Tuggy’s attempt to get away from its testimony to the deity of Christ.

Purgatory Debate – 2/17/2024

In February of 2024 James White and Trent Horn did two, back to back debates at First Lutheran Church in Houston. The first night was on sola scriptura, and the second on purgatory. It was the conjunction of these two debates that was most informative and useful. We invite our viewers to listen to both debates and compare the assertions concerning the “deposit of faith” and “apostolic tradition” in the first with the argumentation in defense of purgatory in the second. It is very enlightening!
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Started off with the outrageous, racist rants of “His Grace, the Right Reverend Bishop Talbert Wesley Swan II” (straight from his wikipedia page) and his swinging the club of “white supremacy” at anyone or anything, logic, rationality and truth notwithstanding. Then we considered the advice of the left edge of evangelicalism’s fall into the morass of cultural confusion, this time

Live Feed Link to White/Horn Purgatory Debate

Calvinist James White and Roman Catholic Trent Horn will debate the doctrine of Purgatory. At the start of the Reformation, the question of Purgatory was front and center. After all, it was an indulgence that helped one escape Purgatory to which Martin Luther objected in the 95 Theses. Protestants argue that the finished work of Christ on the cross is sufficient for salvation. Roman Catholics argue that without a purging of sin, one cannot enter into the presence of God. Who is right?
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Live Feed Link to White/Horn Sola Scriptura Debate

Calvinist James White and Roman Catholic Trent Horn will debate the “formal principle” of the Reformation, sola scriptura, or Scripture Alone. From Luther on, Protestants have argued that the Bible is the only “God-breathed” revelation that can provide sufficient knowledge of God and His salvation. Roman Catholics argue that the Tradition is equally valid and important as a source. The disagreement on sources has led to a host of other disagreements. Who is right? Both speakers are the top apologists in their fields, so this debate promises to be both interesting and important.
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