Summer Jaeger

Mind Your Business

You’ve heard us say it a million times: “mind your own business.” In this episode we talk practical application. If we are supposed to love our neighbor, how do we balance that with keeping our eyes inside our own fence? Join us!
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Stop Hurting Yourself

This week we chat about what it looks like to leave victim culture behind and press on despite what everyone else around us might be doing. Are we taking responsibility for how we view ourselves and the world around us?
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the means of grace

This week we discuss the basic foods that all Christians need to be consuming. These are commonly referred to as “the means of grace” and they are Christian living must-haves!
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What Not to Wear & Share

Join us this week as we talk about modesty – what it is, what it isn’t, and why you should very deeply and intentionally CARE.
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Teaching Your Kids at Home

This week we discuss cool socialist propaganda and the foundational needs for teaching your kids at home. Join us!
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Where’s Holly?

Wrapping up our story time summer season this week, Joy tells the unbelievable story of how DNA technology helped solve a mystery that was 30 years old. Join us!
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The Tragedy of the Carolands (& its unbelievable history)

Welcome to our summer time true crime story time! Summer kicks off story time season by telling the weird history of the “western White House,” a neglected mansion in the shadow of San Francisco that’s been passed around for generations and eventually ends up being a crime scene. Join us!
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Can You Hear Yourself?

Have you ever said something and immediately regretted it? Worse yet – have you ever said something stupid and had no clue how stupid it was until years later? Join us this week as we talk through panic rearranging furniture and how to be self-aware.
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BFFE! Best Friends For Eternity!

Eternity is going to be awesome for the believer. We will not be disembodied creatures floating on clouds by ourselves, however. The fact that we will spend eternity with *other believers* ought to inform how we are living now. Let’s talk about best friends for eternity!
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Is Feminism for the Greater Good?

We are often asked if it is possible that the “good” feminism has accomplished might outweigh the “bad”. So join us this week as we discuss if it’s remotely possible that feminism may have been a net positive.
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