Summer Jaeger

Answering the Mailbag

In this episode we discuss rollerskating mishaps, what to do when your parenting beliefs clash with your friends, the supremacy of the church over social media, and how not to overthink every little thing.
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Return on Investment

Productivity! Getting things done! Making it happen! So many of us feel fussy around knowing what to do, when to do it, or how to get it all done. We are busy fussing around the dishes when we know what we should be doing is….well, what, exactly? Let’s chat mission, motherhood, duty, and knowing how to do it all.
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I want to be sad.

“Your feelings are valid” might be one of the most toxic, underhanded messages we send to each other today. There is an appropriate time to be sad, there is an appropriate time to struggle, but if you are one of the women who is always on the struggle-bus, it’s likely because you continue purchasing a one-way ticket.
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When It’s Not the Best

Have you ever heard the radical neutrality inherent in some well-meaning catchphrases like, “Fed is best”? Ever had to come to terms with decisions you’ve made that had consequences you have not enjoyed? In this episode we chat about what it means to take responsibility in a fallen world. Join us!
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The End of the Year Kitchen Sink

Join us as we catch up on random thoughts from the last several months as we took a break from recording. It’s random. It’s weird. It’s….us.
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A New Heart

Do you have zero palate for anything pleasant at all? In this episode we talk How the Grinch Stole Christmas, whether or not it was a Christian story, and how to have a hopeful palate during this busy season!
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What’s Wrong with a Gynocracy? (Live from ReformCon2022)

Join us live from ReformCon2022! We chatted the differences between moms and dads, how women in education tip the scales towards emotion, and whether or not we should be bothered if we live in a gynocracy.
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Cessationist with Les Lanphere

Filmmaker and friend of the pod, Les Lanphere, joins us to discuss his next project, a film called Cessationist. We make him explain why he would do such a thing and why Christian films matter. Join us!
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Valuing Who You Are

Value, worth, self-esteem, self-image, “finding your identity in blah blah blah”….it’s an old record that we have been playing in evangelicalism for several years now and the vinyl is worn out. In this episode we talk about common missteps in the identity conversation.
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Always Wanting More

In this episode we discuss the last three years of pregnancy (duh) and the right way to want more and more and more.
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