Summer Jaeger

Bad Movie Reviews

This week we are joined by a surprise guest to discuss what it means to be a bad movie reviewer. Can we think beyond “Disney bad”? Why is Christian content as formulaic as it is? What do we do about it? Join us!
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Wallowing is not a Virtue

Ever replayed a conversation in your head and said all of the things you wished you had said in the first place? Ever found yourself stewing over grievances? Struggled with contentment? Let’s talk about the ways we give passes to wallowing & how to overcome this fight with the flesh.
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Single & Satisfied with Nancy Wilson

Hey single ladies: this episode is for you! We are so excited to be joined by Nancy Wilson, author of Single & Satisfied, to discuss the Christian life for unmarried women. Join us!
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Contentment is a Virtue

The Apostle Paul learned how to be content while being held prisoner, and we lose our cool when someone has the nerve to drive in front of us. Our culture venerates being deeply dissatisfied, which means practicing contentment is a practice of swimming upstream. In this episode we discuss the virtue of contentment, and how looking to Christ orients us towards satisfaction.
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Missing 411

Join us as Summer tells the story of rare and strange missing persons cases that occur every year in our national forests. Is the “missing 411” classification coincidence, conspiracy theory, or proof that something unknown lives in our nation’s forests?
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Margaret Sanger: Angel of Death

Join us as Joy explores the legacy of one of the most dangerous women in all of history: Margaret Sanger. She was an unapologetic racist, a humanist, and a feminist. How was she able to accomplish so much evil in her short life? Join us!
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Scattershot, Round 3

It’s our annual scattershot episode! This time we answer questions about laziness vs. resting, what’s up with people almost worshipping their pets, kids and Bible reading, how to handle weariness, and how to fight the actual fight.
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Girl Power

The phrase “girl power” has long been cutesy and obnoxious, but that’s not because women aren’t genuinely powerful. In this episode we want to discuss how the strength of women can tear down or build up entire nations.
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Respectable Female Sins

It’s easy to take shots at feminism—some of it is just so obviously terrible and gross that it qualifies as low-hanging fruit. It is far more difficult to root out the ways that we excuse our own sins that aren’t as obvious. So what are the sins that aren’t taken as seriously as they should be in our own lives? What is flying under the proverbial radar or totally given a pass to? Let’s chat!
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The Putney Pusher

In this true crime story time Joy tells the story of the Putney bridge pusher—a mysterious runner who pushed a woman in front of a bus for no apparent reason. Although captured on several cameras, his identity seemed to be hidden from the public. Why?
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