Battling Discouragement

Life in this fallen world is often hard. We struggle in our minds and hearts with any number of things. We fight against our own sin and are affected by the sin of others. In other words, the reasons for discouragement are many. Not surprisingly, we continually find ourselves in a battle against discouragement. If that is you, you are not alone. What can we say to these things? What hope is there in the struggle? Jon, Justin, and Jimmy discuss these things on today’s episode.

Semper Reformanda: The guys continue to consider the battle against discouragement and particularly how it is fought within the context of the local church. We offer some thoughts on how to assess your church context, but mainly the discussion centers around the necessity of living life in the body of Christ.

Giveaway: “By Grace Alone” by Sinclair Ferguson

Podcast Transcript

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