Can’t Believe I Did It Again

We all battle besetting, habitual sin. The normal experience of the Christian in this fallen world is to battle against the corruption of our flesh. This war will go on until we die or Christ returns. We struggle to process this battle, though. We are often discouraged. And the church hasn’t always helped. In this episode, Jon and Justin have a historical, theological, and biblical discussion on the battle against the flesh and the hope of Christ.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin answer some potential objections. They also consider how the grace that justifies is the grace that sanctifies, as well as the Christian’s need for the church.

Resources:Our video on habitual sinOur episode on the cravings of the fleshOur episode on pietismOur episode on biblicismOur episode on law/gospelOur book on assurance, “Safe”

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