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The Work After Dobbs, Lots of Church History, Nicea, and More.

Started off, sort of necessarily, looking at the Dobbs decision and the fall out, looking back on my own work in that area since 1989. Then moved to the vicious circularity of the Confessional Bibliology position, and moved from there into a lengthy discussion of the Council of Nicea, and then to an attempt to define the Great Tradition. Over 90 minutes today! Tags: Featured-ReformedThomism

The Redskins and Totalitarianism, and Just What IS the Great Tradition?

Started off with the Jack Del Rio story and the fact that we truly are living in the days of totalitarianism. Secular totalitarianism is the worst, as we will soon see. But then we moved to ask a question, “What is the Great Tradition?” A new movement has arisen in Reformed ranks, and especially amongst Reformed Baptists, touting the importance and necessity of “the Great Tradition.” But…what is it? Fact is, nobody really knows. And I document that by skipping over the “I will quote my favorite modern source” silliness and going directly to primary sources, in this case, the documents of the Second Council of Nicea (787). I invite my Great Tradition Baptists to respond from the same materials rather than just sub-tweeting pious platitudes. Enjoy!

Sorta Road Trip DL: Squirrel’s Demise, Inseparable Operations

We did a show while I am away for a few days, and hope to do so again tomorrow. Started off with the story of the demise of a squirrel on my ride this morning, and some lessons I thought of as a result. Then we discussed some amazing behavior from the young “New Scholastics,” then tried to think through some statements from Dr. Vidu on inseparable operations.

Calvin and Sadoleto, Reformed Biblicism

James White, June 7, 2022June 7, 2022, Church Fathers, Church History, Reformed Apologetics, Reformed Baptist Issues, The Dividing Line, Theology Matters, Thomism Started off telling the story of Calvin and Sadoleto, one of the most important interactions in the early period of the Reformation, and then using Calvin’s response as a spring-board to look at a number of other relevant issues today once again related to sola scriptura, tradition, etc. 90 minutes. We also live-streamed for the first time on Twitch, which, I am told, is mainly for gamers. One commented at the end of the program, “Worst game stream ever.” Yes, I’m sure it was!

Quick Commentary on YouTube Banishment, Once Again on Scriptural Sufficiency

Well, our first live stream on Rumble, which, honestly, surprised me, but hey—I just flap my jaws, Rich does the tech stuff. So explained a little about what happened yesterday, then went into the key issues found today in the New Scholasticism movement and the comments being made about Scriptural sufficiency, authority, tradition, etc. Truly important stuff!

You are Being Lied to, Regularly

In the aftermath of whatever it is that happened in Uvalde, the amount of jaw-dropping lies being told to the public is astonishing. And people get away with it because so many are utterly ignorant of firearms basics. It is easy to understand why folks overseas, who have been disarmed for decades, would not be able to detect the lies, but it is the American public that seems utterly taken in by some of the silliness. So since I am still at home (caring for my wife who is, thankfully, on the mend from Covid now), I decided a primer on firearms would be useful for everyone so that, hopefully, at least after watching and listening you will be able to tell when someone is completely trying to snow you and fool you. I did not undertake this to try to argue for a particular side in a debate, but to clear the field of so much of the stupidity that keeps any meaningful discussion from taking place.

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