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Yes, Lillibell, We Did Another Radio Free Geneva, and It Was Two Hours Long!

Well, it was actually OVER two hours long, and I still did not finish up, but we made good progress. First I responded to Evangelist Ted Alexander’s comments wherein he not only identified Reformed theology as fundamentally Roman Catholic, but said I am a Catholic, and a plant in the church, etc. and etc. So, we demonstrated he is suffering from some serious cognitive dissonance to be sure. After that full refutation of his claims we moved back to Leighton Flowers and moved into the section where he proves, repeatedly that Provisionism has not efficacious grace. He has passive, powerless, unintentional provisions, but no powerful, purposeful, intentional grace. We will finish up our response to him later, but may not dedicate an entire episode of RFG to it, we will see.
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Radio Free Geneva

Today we started responding to Leighton Flowers’ attempt to respond to our basic discussion of one simple truth and reality: the Provisionist view of man’s will and God’s grace is completely in line with the Roman Catholic view at the time of the Reformation; that is, Flowers stands firmly with Erasmus against Luther on this topic. This is all about the sufficiency of grace versus the mere necessity of grace. This has been a theme we have discussed for decades. Flowers’ attempt to respond revealed so many important errors and weaknesses in the Provisionist position that we simply could not allow the opportunity to pass. We got about 20 minutes through the 50 minute or so response, so, be ready for another RFG in the near future!
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Miscellaneous Topics Before a Deep Dive into the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

James White, October 14, 2021October 14, 2021, Church Fathers, Church History, Debate, Exegesis, Gospel/Jesus Studies, Roman Catholicism, The Dividing Line First half hour was on a variety of topics, including upcoming trips (and an invitation for you to send your church’s contact information to and a little on Thomas Aquinas. But then we went into the historical argumentation regarding the perpetual virginity of Mary as it was presented in this video demonstrating that, in essence, anything can be proven by using this form of argumentation. Instead, we went into the Scriptures, started at the foundation, and moved up from there. Hopefully will be helpful in identifying other specious forms of argumentation as well.
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Road Tripping in El Paso

James White, October 9, 2021October 9, 2021, Christian Worldview, Debate, King James Onlyism, Persecution, Post-Evangelicalism, Roman Catholicism, Textual Issues, The Dividing Line, Theology Matters I’m sort of in El Paso (but not quite), with one more stop tomorrow night before I get home. I was going to hoof it straight from here, as it is surely do-able, but the long, long hours are piling up after more than two weeks, so safety suggested stopping at an RV park I know halfway home tomorrow. Anyway, discussed cooking on the program today, specifically, Joe’s cookies, you know, the ones he INSISTS you take if you want to work, etc.? Yeah, those cookies. Read a truly important thread from a person in Lithuania about the Covid Pass insanity there, and across Europe. Took the time to thank folks for their support of A&O over the years, then finished up looking at a few comments from Evangelist Ted Alexander, who was promoting KJV Only myths.
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Sitting in the Corner with Tom Buck

I’m in Lindale, Texas with the well known Troublemaker of the same area, Tom Buck, so we talked about…lots of stuff, from SBC stuff, G3, the future, you name it. Hopefully our discussions will be edifying to those facing many of the same challenges we are.
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A G3 Dividing Line from the AOMin Booth

James and I sat down at the AOMin booth at G3 today and recorded a very special Dividing Line in front of a live audience. James discussed more of the current events in the news, the travel schedule progress and even some CBGM discussion. We even took some questions from the audience. Enjoy.
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Road Trip #2 Live from Conway, Arkansas

James White, September 27, 2021September 27, 2021, Misc, Musings, Personal, Provisionism, Road Trip, The Dividing Line, Theology Matters The second evening of the mini Conference on the solas is just 90 minutes away so we snuck a quick program from the AO Mobile Command in talking about the trip, what’s coming up at G3 and elsewhere, and responding to Soteriology 101’s paid advertising campaign looking to get “converts from Calvinism.” I wandered all over the landscape, to be honest, so fasten your seat belt!
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