Ask Pastor John

Is God Present or Absent in Hell?

Is God present in hell, as John seems to say in Revelation 14:10 — or is he absent, as Paul seems to say in 2 Thessalonians 1:9?

What’s the Center of Our Holiness?

Scripture describes the process of sanctification in many different ways. How can we weave the various strands together into one coherent picture?

God’s Love and My Sickness

Because Jesus loved Lazarus, the Gospel of John tells us, he did not come to him right away, but lingered and let him die. How is that love?

Crucial Texts for Our Hardest Battles

When temptation strikes, we need more than a vague sense of God’s goodness — we need specific promises. Pastor John shares his favorite passages for fighting sin.

Is God More Honored or Dishonored in the World?

If God aims to be glorified in this world, why is human history and the daily news filled with so much that dishonors him?

The Pervasive Problem of Loving Money

The love of money often lives where others least suspect, like in the hearts of Pharisees, miracle workers, and those who seem most moral.

How Do I ‘Wrestle’ in Prayer?

Paul speaks of wrestling in prayer, and many of us use his phrase. But what might our prayer lives actually feel like if we wrestled like the apostle?

Counsel for Wives with Harsh Husbands

“Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them,” Paul writes. But what can a wife do if she finds herself with a harsh man?

Eight Essentials for Christian Living

How does God bring us from the grace of new birth to the glory of heaven? Pastor John explains eight essentials for Christian living from 2 Thessalonians 1:11–12.

Did Jesus Tell Us to Give to Every Panhandler?

Jesus tells us to give to those who ask, but Paul warns the church against giving to the lazy. How might we apply these teachings when we meet a panhandler?

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