Ask Pastor John

Looking Back at 2023, Looking Ahead to 2024

As a new year nears, Pastor John marvels at God’s grace from 2023 and shares exciting plans for the months ahead.

Make the Bible Part of Your Everyday in 2024

What makes regular Bible intake not only helpful for the Christian life, but crucial? Pastor John gives ten reasons to make the Bible part of your everyday.

Feast on the Bible’s Grammar

The word “therefore” appears almost five hundred times in the New Testament. And every one of them is a doorway to life and love.

How John Piper Marks Up His Books

Pastor John never reads a book — even novels — without a pencil in hand. What does he do with it, and why won’t he use a pen?

Make Your Life Count: Twelve Rules for Teens

How can teens make their lives count? From dating wisely to failing well, Pastor John offers twelve rules for teenage followers of Christ.

Go to the Ant

We know God inspired the Bible, but we sometimes forget that he also spoke creation into existence. How might we begin to learn from both of God’s books?

How to Study the Bible on a Topic

How can normal Christians learn to study the Bible on a topic? Pastor John models his own approach as he prepares answers for ‘Ask Pastor John.’

Learning for Those Who Don’t Love Learning

The apostle Peter calls Christians to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. But how might we grow in knowledge if we don’t enjoy the process of learning?

How Thanksgiving Shapes Your Life Story

At the heart of our unbelief lies not only our refusal to glorify God, but our refusal to thank him. Apart from grace, we take the gifts and ignore the Giver.

How Does Learning Deepen Joy?

What role should emotions play in Christian education? If we take our cue from Scripture, appropriate feelings will be central, not peripheral, to all our learning.

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