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Podcast Throwback: Inseparable Operations: Good News for Salvation? Adonis Vidu and Matthew Barrett

The external works of the Trinity are undivided. Until recently, this statement was an uncontroversial affirmation of the doctrine of inseparable operations. In fact, for nearly two millennia, inseparable operations were simply assumed to be an integral premise of the Christian faith. Yet modern treatments of the Trinity have left the essential unity of the… Download Audio

Should we call down fire from heaven or pick up our cross? Michael Horton and Matthew Barrett

In the 21st century Christians have proved one thing with their fiery rhetoric: we fear man instead of God. That misplaced fear has created extreme hostility towards others in society. That misplaced fear has been exposed lately when Christians engage controversial topics such as Christian America, cancel culture, martyr complex, LGBTQ+, racism, and more. Yet… Download Audio

Podcast Throwback: Thomas Aquinas: Friend or Foe? Michael Allen and Matthew Barrett

Why are evangelicals so unfamiliar with one of the greatest theologians in the history of the church, Thomas Aquinas? Is Thomas a friend or a foe to evangelicals today? Was Thomas first and foremost a philosopher or a theologian? Was Thomas a rationalist as some would suggest? What advantages are there to embracing a Reformed Thomism?… Download Audio

How can liturgy create a healthy church? Jonathan Gibson and Matthew Barrett

Liturgy is to the church like oxygen is to the lungs. Unfortunately, churches today can be suspicious towards liturgy, as if it is devoid of the heart. But for most of history the church has turned to liturgy as a vital part of worship. As the Reformers considered how to reform the church, for example, they… Download Audio

Why is the Beatific Vision our Hope? Michael Allen and Matthew Barrett

The apostle John once wrote to the church and made a bold promise: “Beloved we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2). What does John mean… Download Audio

What can Christians learn from Stephen King? Jared Wilson and Matthew Barrett

Stephen King will go down as one of the greatest fiction writers of our time. Although his works are not often considered relevant to theological conversation or even unfriendly to the Christian faith by some, King offers Christians a window into the human experience with his deep sense of reality that is honest about the… Download Audio

What is the Extra Calvinisticum? KJ Drake and Matthew Barrett

But if his human nature is not present wherever his Godhead is, are not then these two natures in Christ separated from one another? Not at all, for since the Godhead is illimitable and omnipresent, it must necessarily follow that the same is beyond the limits of the human nature he assumed, and yet is… Download Audio

Why is humility essential to theology? Kelly Kapic and Matthew Barrett

When Jesus washes his disciples’ feet he is not just giving them a picture of the type of salvation he has come to accomplish, but he is showing them the means by which he will accomplish that salvation as well. Moreover, Jesus commands his disciples to follow his example and sacrificially serve one another in… Download Audio

Is the Bible a Work of Ancient Philosophy? Matthew Barrett and Jonathan Pennington

Is philosophy in conflict with Christianity? At its heart, philosophy is a love for wisdom that uses the mind with its reason as well as the heart to understand big ideas of reality. Who is God, who am I, and what is this world? These are questions that, universally, humans have asked from the very beginning. The… Download Audio

What is Christian Platonism? Matthew Barrett and Hans Boersma

What should we think of Plato? Do his ideas have any profit for Christianity? Can the Platonic philosophical heritage serve Christianity as a handmaiden to biblical interpretation and theological construction? These questions concerning the relationship between philosophy and theology have been discussed and debated by Christians from the very beginning. At the heart of the… Download Audio

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