Doctrine & Devotion

The Sacraments

Joe and Jimmy set up in the garage to talk about the sacraments. Are they a means of grace? What's wrong with “intinction?” How many times was Jimmy baptized? Why does Joe hate square-cut pizza? The guys open the mail bag and talk about “moralistic preaching” and when to leave a church. WARNING: Joe makes fun of the nicest people on the planet, Canadians, and even the nicest Christian blogger, Tim Challies. These are jokes. Joe thinks Tim is a great blogger and thinks Canada is pretty much ok.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Abiding in Christ

Joe and Jimmy jump into their ESV Bibles to talk through the practice of “abiding in Christ.” What does it mean to abide? What does it look like? Why isn't Jimmy allowed to read the podcast intro? And we open up the mailbag to hit a couple more emails.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Bonus Episode – Theology and Worship

BONUS CONTENT!! A video podcast courtesy of J Bond Media. If you want to to watch this episode head over to our website to check it out. While Jimmy and Joe were in Portland for the Canvas Conference they sat down with Thomas Terry (Odd Thomas) from Humble Beast to talk about Theology and Worship.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Serving in the Church

In episode 14 Jimmy and Joe talk about serving in and as the church. Is the “80-20” rule a real thing? What should service in the church look like? How do we figure out what our spiritual gift is and where we should be serving? The guys also open up the D&D mailbag to answer a couple more questions from the listeners.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Church Leadership

Jimmy and Joe talk church leadership, the good and the bad kinds, discuss whether or not leaders should be held to a “higher standard,” and Jimmy’s unbreakable connection to Donald Trump.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Racism and the Gospel

Prompted by some controversy in a Baptist church in Alabama Joe and Jimmy sit down to talk through race, racism, and the power of the gospel.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Hanging Out

In episode 11 Jimmy and Joe are chaperoned by Pastor Pat Aldridge, the “Community Life Pastor” at Redeemer Fellowship. They brought in Pastor Pat to talk about an aspect of ministry seldom discussed: “hanging out.”Support this podcast at — Inquiries:


Some of you are very hospitable. Most of us need a lot of work. But does it even matter? Does God expect us all to be hospitable? How does the gospel relate to hospitality? Jimmy and Joe talk about all of this and stop to debate the merit of asking people to take off their shoes when they enter your home.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Preaching and Hearing The Word

On today's episode Joe and Jimmy talk about the work of preaching and listening to preachers. From some of the basic “how-to's” of sermon prep, to what it takes to get the most of out a sermon we are listening to it was another fun and profitable conversation for us. we hope it is for you as well. Joe tells preachers to put away the stool,  and shares an embarrassing Mark Dever story. Jimmy tells sermon critics to slow their roll and gives the best shout out ever to J. Bond Media.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:


In episode 08 Joe and Jimmy get into the issue of repentance. This is not a theoretical conversation, but one that is emerging out of their own conviction over sin and their need to repent. What is repentance? What is its place in the life of a Christian? The guys pull from the Puritans, James Boyce, and others to think through it all.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

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