Gospel Riot

19. How to Worship God with Bruce and Lionel

What does it mean to worship? Does it matter where or how we do it? Who decides how worship should be conducted? Does God care how we do it? Les sits down with Bruce and Lionel to discuss the proper ways to worship the Lord.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

18. Joining a Church with Josh Buice

Do you have to join a church? What if you have baggage, or you've been hurt in the past? Does God care whether or not you have a home church? Les sits down with Josh Buice to discuss the necessity of joining a local church.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

17. How to be a Woman with Summer Jaeger

Is Feminism a bad thing? How should ladies think about and treat their husbands? What does the Bible really say about femininity?  Les sits down with Summer Jaeger to discuss what it means to truly be a woman.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

16. How to be a Man with Michael Foster

Is Patriarchy a good thing? How should we think about and treat our wives and children? What does the Bible really say about manhood?  Les sits down with Michael Foster to discuss what it means to truly be a man.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

15. Freedom in Christ with Cali

What does true freedom look like? How can we cast off the bondage of this world and live the way Jesus wants us to? Les sits down with Cali to discuss Freedom in Christ.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

14. God's Sovereignty with Brad Giannetto

What does it mean for God to be sovereign? Does he have control over everything? Do we still have a free will? Is God even sovereign over sin? Les sits with Brad Giannetto do discuss the Sovereignty of God.

13. Faith and Works with Michael Spangler

Do works play any part in our salvation? Do Christians have to obey God? Are we justified by faith alone or faith plus works? Les sits down with Michael Spangler to discuss the relationship between faith and our good works.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

12. Civil Disobedience with Robert McCurley

How do we live in submission to Jesus while also submitting to godless authorities? What does it mean to honor the government or to love your neighbor during this pandemic?  Les sits down with Robert MccCurley to discuss living with Christ as King even under tyrannical oppression.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

11. Rejecting Roman Catholicism with Paul Barth

Are Roman Catholics Christians? Should we work together with them for Jesus? Where have they gone wrong? Les sits down with Paul Barth to discuss the errors of Rome and how we should think about them.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

10. Debating Christmas with Michael Ives and Joseph Spurgeon

Why do we celebrate Christmas… or more fundamentally, should we celebrate it at all? Les sits down with Michael Ives and Joseph Spurgeon to debate whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas.Leave a voicemail: ‪(772) 324-9328‬

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