BFFE! Best Friends For Eternity!

Eternity is going to be awesome for the believer. We will not be disembodied creatures floating on clouds by ourselves, however. The fact that we will spend eternity with *other believers* ought to inform how we are living now. Let’s talk about best friends for eternity!
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Is Feminism for the Greater Good?

We are often asked if it is possible that the “good” feminism has accomplished might outweigh the “bad”. So join us this week as we discuss if it’s remotely possible that feminism may have been a net positive.
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Summer Recommends

Welcome to our yearly summer recommends episode! This is not me, Summer, recommending things…it’s our joint effort to share fun things that we think are worth your time as summer break approaches. We talk books, shows, hair, and other random items. Join us!
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Afraid to Fail

Join us this week as we discuss trash in the road & the failure of nerve that is a fear of failure!
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Picky or Preferential?

This week we do our best to avoid semantic games and talk about the difference between being picky and having preferences. What hills are worth dying on? Join us!
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The Taylor Swift Question

In this episode we answer the Taylor Swift question, which brings us down winding roads that hopefully lead towards wisdom & freedom in content choices for ourselves and our children. Join us!
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Fear of God > Fear of Man

Do you struggle with social anxiety? Do you feel uncomfortable around people? Or do you seem to have a lot of relationship issues that feel insurmountable? Join us today as we talk to the solution: fearing God!
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Principles vs. Methods

This week we touch on the important difference between principles & the methods used to serve them. How do you recognize what is a principle and what is a method? Join us!
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What Was I Made For?

One of the most popular songs aimed at women in the last year asks the question, “What was I made for?” And honestly, it’s a question we all ought to be able to answer. So let’s talk about it.
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If I Were You

Have you ever been under the delusion that someone would be giving you better advice if only they were….you? This week we talk about the trap of self-pity and secret knowledge. Join us!
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