Cultish & Sheologians Present: Tom O’Neill & the Official Story of Manson

In this episode we are joined by Andrew and Jeremiah, the Cultish crew, to discuss the fallout of the Manson murders on the conscience of America. In his book Chaos, Tom O’Neill dissects the problems with the official story of the Manson murders, leading to some wild discoveries that rock what we have always believed was happening in that era.
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On Vanity

In this episode we discuss meaning, body image, vanity, objective beauty, and how God changes everything.
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The Work of Love

After a weird rambling conversation about pre-Flood culture and potential weird futures, we discuss why working hard in your relationships is not a sign that something is wrong.
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My Emotions, Your Responsibility

In this episode we discuss pregnancy cravings, being responsible for your emotions, and the proper mothering of emotions.
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Taking Turns

In this episode we discuss what it means to be content in the season you’re in, and how to have an overall perspective of your life that helps bring joy even in the midst of difficulty.
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Witches, Witches, Everywhere!

In this episode we talk why New Age practices are so mainstream. Ultimately, all of life is worship and there are only two religions. Let’s chat!
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Just Doing It

One of the questions sent in to us all the time is, “How do I stay on top of all of my duties as a wife and a mother?” So, the house is a mess, the kids haven’t bathed, and you’re feeling short tempered. What does it mean that Christ is reigning even over the mess?
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Flattery: Words That Should Taste Like Death

In this episode Summer & Joy discuss what flattery is, how to recognize it, and why it ought not to be an immediate cringe feeling when we hear it. Join us!
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The Interview

In this kind-of yearly plot point, the girls interview each other. This year they discuss household management, Toy Story films ranked, advice for single women, and thoughts on working in ministry. Join us!
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Hashtag Feminism

For many, the #MeToo movement was a pivotal moment of activism that set the stage for important matters to be spoken about publicly. Unfortunately, what the movement has really revealed is that our culture is totally unable to define abuse and make victims whole. Join us as we discuss the ways in which women are encouraged to do that which causes harm by this movement.
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