Peace, When There is No Peace

After a brief discussion about horse girls and cheese grater abs, we answer a listener question about what it means to live as a Christian among people who hate Christianity. Join us!
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The Great Glitter Mystery

Do you know what glitter is? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re an expert on glitter. Will you be an expert at the end of this episode? No, but there is a lot to know about glitter that you may find interesting or unexpected. Very true to form, Summer and Joy discuss a topic that you thought required little discussion. Join us and laugh along the way.
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Australian Sharks Will Eat Anything

In this story time episode we travel back to 1935 for Summer to tell the story of the shark in Australia that vomited an entire arm, and the capers that ensued when its owner was identified.
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Laughing at Yourself

If you’ve read a book lately you know that the character who can’t laugh at himself is the most obnoxious. In this episode we consider what it means to take criticism well and to lay aside the weight of being easily offended.
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What About Sexual Assault?

In this episode the ladies talk about what feminism, #MeToo, and even the church has done in the conversation and work around dealing with sexual assault. Of course, the most important consideration in this discussion is what does God’s law have to say about these situations? Join us!
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False or Unhelpful?

In this episode we answer a listener question about what the difference is between false teaching and unhelpful teaching. Is there a time when something might not be false, but is totally not necessary to spend your effort on? Let’s chat!
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Idle Chatter

In this episode we talk about an aspect of controlling our speech that often gets overlooked when we dither about making sure our kids never say mean words like “stupid.” But how seriously do we take warnings in Scripture against idle talk? Do we model being idle chatterers for our children? Let’s chat!
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Try Smiling!

“Don’t be a bummer” is great life advice, but it’s incomplete. Instead of being a bummer, what SHOULD you be? In this episode we talk about the Christian duty of joyful living.
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You’re Angry

In this episode we discuss the difference between righteous anger, sinful anger, and how easy it is to mask our sinful anger under the guise of just “being frustrated.” Join us!
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Summer Recommends

Join us for our annual summer recommends episode where we discuss what we are reading and the things we think everyone should use or practice over the coming months.
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