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Servant Songs III: Isaiah 42

Having gone through the backdrop and context of the Servant Songs, this week John begins discussing the first of the songs in Isaiah 42. As John says, this song is like a slowly brightening sunrise. 

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Servant Songs II: Context and Backdrop

John is continuing his small detour from Salvation in Full Color to discuss the four Servant Songs from Isaiah. But before we dive into the texts themselves, there is still a bit of foundational work we need to do.

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Servant Song I: Context and Backdrop

Chuck is still on vacation and rather than moving forward with Salvation in Full Color without him, we decided to start a short series walking through the Servant Songs of Isaiah. This week John gives important information that we need to have before going into the specific chapters.

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Special Episode: Chapel Hill Library

This week Chuck is on vacation with his family. John wanted to take the opportunity and present you with a trustworthy ministry that has been a blessing to him for decades. That ministry is Chapel Library, a ministry of Mount Zion Bible Church.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn about how Chapel Library will send you solid, trustworthy resources with a very unique payment method.

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Justification by Faith (Samuel Blair)

Samuel Blair was a godly minister and used by the Lord in the Second Great Awakening. He was also a teacher. Blair was much heavier on the doctrine than the application.

Blair’s sermon is entitled “The Gospel-Method of Salvation” and his text is Romans 10:4: “For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.”

The nature of true faith in Christ.

The necessity of faith in Christ for justification.

The glory and excellency of God’s method of justification.

Is faith a work? It’s essential, yes. But it is not meritorious. Our faith does not earn us anything. But faith unites us to a Person, to Christ. Faith is a gift from the Lord, but a gift we must exercise.

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Repentance (Samuel Davies)

“Repent, you must either in time or eternity, upon earth, or in hell. You cannot possibly avoid it. The question is not, Shall I repent? for that is beyond a doubt. But the question is, “Shall I repent now when it may reform and save me; or shall I put it off to the eternal world, when my repentance will be my punishment, and can answer no end but to torment me?” And is this a hard question? Does not common sense determine it in favour of the present time? Therefore, let the duty be as extensively observed as it is commanded: Let all men everywhere repent.”


This week Chuck and John are back in the studio to discuss the sermon The Nature and Necessity of True Repentance by Samuel Davies, in which we are presented with five realities of repentance.

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Salvation in Full Color (Ep. 1 Rebroadcast)

John and Chuck are taking a much-needed week off. We thought the time would be best used to reintroduce new listeners to the book we are taking a long soak in on The Whole Counsel, titled Salvation in Full Color.

In this inaugural episode of The Whole Counsel (previously The Behold Your God Podcast) John introduces several of the changes to the podcast. We are in a new location, we have a new cohost (welcome Chuck Baggett) and we have a new sound.

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Seeking the Lord (Devereux Jarratt)

John and Chuck have mentioned a few times the importance of the order of the sermons presented in Salvation in Full Color. This week bears the fruit of that importance as it is the first sermon describing the sinner’s response to God’s rights, our need of regeneration, and the hope of the work of the Spirit.

In Seeking the Lord, Devereux Jarratt explains that having a right grasp of God’s sovereignty and power will lead to a seeking of Him. Beat against the doors of heaven, in faith, until God answers.

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Hymn Stories (Ryan Bush)

We have mentioned the beauty and importance of hymns before, but in this special episode, John is joined by Ryan Bush, host of the podcast Hymn Stories, a weekly podcast that gives a glimpse into the lives and stories behind our favorite hymns. During their conversation, John and Ryan discuss why they use hymns in their corporate, family, and private worship over praise choruses and other Christian music. They also discuss how to overcome the difficulties of archaic language and unfamiliar melodies.

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Family Worship (Ryan Bush)

This week John sits down with Ryan Bush, editor of the Guide to Family Worship and teacher of the Practical Guide to Family Worship Bible Study Set. The duo discuss their experiences and obstacles to leading their families in worship and give practical tips you can apply right now to leading your family in the worship of the living God.

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