Christian, There Will Be Sin (w/ Ken Jones)

For today’s episode, Jon and Justin are joined by Ken Jones (pastor of Glendale Baptist Church and host of Saints and Sinners Unplugged). The guys talk about the fact that Christians will sin–perhaps very badly for a really long time. What is the normal Christian experience? If we have been united to Christ and justified in him, how should we think about our battle against the corruption of our flesh? How can is it the church can be a safe place for sinners?

Semper Reformanda is included in today’s episode for free!

Semper Reformanda: Jon, Justin, and Ken speak to the fact that Christians struggle with all kinds of sins–even sins related to our sexuality and gender. Then, the guys have a very good conversation about church discipline and when it is that a Christian should question his/her salvation.

Ken’s Show – Saints and Sinners Unplugged

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