Collusion in Blatant Misogyny

Collusion in Blatant Misogyny

Written by Carl R. Trueman |
Tuesday, May 2, 2023

That a man is now the public face of sports bras is not simply ridiculous. It is part of a concerted cultural erasure of women as a whole. Feminists, from J. K. Rowling to Kathleen Stock, have pointed this out, at great cost to their reputations and even at some personal risk to themselves. That the big corporations are colluding in this misogyny is disgusting. 

The last week has made obvious to all but the most willfully blind the depth and power of the culture industry’s commitment to normalizing transgenderism.

From the odd way in which media reports both downplayed the trans identity of the killer in the Nashville school shooting while playing up the danger of a backlash against those claiming trans identities. Then Budweiser announced that it was appointing “trans influencer” Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesman for Bud Lite and (most bizarrely, though the bar for “most bizarre” is set very, very high these days) Nike announced that he would also do the same for its range of sports bras. And then there is the ongoing trans opposition to the passage of legislation in various states to stop minors confused about their gender identity from receiving hormonal and surgical treatment. This opposition is armed with an arsenal of aesthetically persuasive rhetoric, from talk about the denial of gender-affirming care to demands that legislators follow the science.

The culture industry, from those who make beer to those who report the news to those who sell us the “science,” is requiring us all to believe the transgender nonsense or to keep quiet.

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