Do John Piper and Doug Wilson Obscure Faith Alone?


Do John Piper and Doug Wilson Obscure Faith Alone? Here is how we approach this question in today’s episode.

Every generation has to come to grips with the gospel. The imputation of the righteousness of Christ to sinners–as our whole and only righteousness–has often been under assault in the history of the church. It is in our day in the form of the Federal Vision and the teaching of final justification. Jon and Justin engage with both of these errors today in an effort to clarify and defend the heart of the gospel, which is the righteousness of Christ counted to sinners.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin go into more depth on the Federal Vision and then contend for the importance of confessions of faith, as well as the safety provided by a sound theological framework.

Resources:Podcasts from Mid-America Reformed Seminary on Federal VisionR. Scott Clark on Federal VisionOur episode on final justification (live from CA)Our episode on how the gospel terrifies Christians

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