Do Other Religions Worship the Same God?


Episode 398 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer caller questions.

Show Notes

Key questions answered in today’s show:

1. If Jesus is the only way to salvation, how should we understand other religions? Are they just distortions of the truth in your view? Do they worship an entirely different God; or do they worship the true God in the wrong way with false ideas?

2. If you are saved, why does the person that is saved have to go through a judgment? I thought being saved by the Lord’s grace and blood that you would be saved and live be with him. Thanks. 

3. Can you discuss Noah’s curse of Canaan in Genesis 9? I overheard a brother talking about how it was a very important event, but when I searched about it online, I found that it may have been used to justify the enslavement of Africans in the past. What significance does Noah’s curse here have in the larger story of the Bible and in humanity?  

4. When someone dies we know that they are absent in the body and present with the Lord. But does eternity begin in that moment? In other words, is that loved one who has gone before me racing ahead by millennia and time is no more; or does time remain a factor even after we die or immediately after we die?


The Future of Everything: Essential Truths about the End Times by William Boekestein 

The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World by Dennis Johnson

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