Doomed to Final Frustration

Doomed to Final Frustration

Looking around, we see countless people pursuing what will not last. If we look within ourselves, we see some of the same, even as believers, but the things of earth are passing away. Most people are still trying to build their Kingdom on sinking sand.

To borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis, every worldly pleasure you are pursuing is “doomed to final frustration.” These include sinful pleasures and lawful ones. One day, they will either fail to live up to your expectations, or death will come knocking on your door and steal them from your hands.

This final frustration means two things. First, we should immediately stop pursuing sinful pleasures because not only will they fail to provide what we hope they will, but they also put our souls at risk. Second, we do not necessarily need to stop pursuing the lawful pleasures of this temporary world, but we must keep them in proper perspective because they, too, will one day let us down.

There is only one who should be our ultimate and final pursuit, and that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Every other temporary pursuit should serve this end.

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