Expository Thoughts: Ephesian 1 – Every Spiritual Blessing

Expository Thoughts: Ephesian 1 – Every Spiritual Blessing

The Christian life is not about gaining more blessing, but entering more deeply into the reality of the blessing we already have, and living in the light of it. Paul’s response is thanksgiving and prayer. Thanksgiving for what God has done for us and prayer that we may have every greater knowledge of God.

This morning I was reading Ephesians 1 in my personal devotions. This is one of the most glorious passages in the Bible and my personal favourite. It is what I come back to time and again when I want assurance and encouragement.

It reminds us of the objective fact that we are blessed in Christ. Not just slightly blessed but fully blessed. We may not feel this, but the reason is because we tend to focus on present material comfort, or tangible ministry successes, as the sign of God’s blessing, whereas Ephesians reminds us our blessings are spiritual and heavenly. They are present but look ahead to our eschatological future.

Broadly there are 4 key blessings – each with an outcome.

We have been chosen from eternity. This results in our adoption as God’s sons. A secure status in him.

We have been redeemed. This results in being set free from sin – both forgiveness and release from its power.

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