Following the Follower III: The Foundation of Our Confidence

Paul tells the church of Corinth to follow him as he follows Christ. That would be an impossible task for us if Paul had been given special tools, a special skillset, a secret knowledge that only he could possess. Instead, he had the same Scripture, the same Holy Spirit, the same means of grace as us. As a result, when Paul commands us to follow him, we really can obey. We have the same Bible, as it were. We can pray to the same God. We can commune with God. So why don’t we find more success in following the pattern he laid out for us?

In this week’s episode, John Snyder and Chuck Bagget explore the topic of how Paul could have such confidence in the work he was doing. It wasn’t because he was so strong, smart, or faithful. It was because he knew the God he was serving. He trusted Christ with the fruit. That is a pattern we can and must follow.

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