Free Stuff Friday (Midwestern Seminary)

Free Stuff Friday (Midwestern Seminary)

This week’s giveaway, sponsored by Spurgeon College, is a free copy of No Neutral Words by Sam Bierig, Dean of Spurgeon College.

The first 25 to complete the form below will receive a free copy of the book. Upon completion of the giveaway, the entrants will receive an email to confirm the location and mailing address.

No Neutral Words

The Pastor’s Investment and Stewardship of His Most Precious and Powerful Tool

By: Sam Bierig

What if I told you there’s a budget in your life and ministry other than your finances and time—one that you’re just as accountable for but are likely overlooking?

As a pastor and ministry leader, you no doubt conceptualize your ministry in terms of financial stewardship. You no doubt feel the weight of stewarding and maintaining your church’s financial budget. Further, we could even extend the pastor’s budget concept to also include a “time budget.” I trust you’re comfortable thinking in these terms. We’re all too aware of how easy time can be flitted away. We have no quarrel on the stewardship of either of these points. But what if we sought to steward our talk and our words just as closely as we do our money and time?

The aim of No Neutral Word is to convince you to consider your “word budget” and show you that every single word you speak is an eternal investment in your hearers for either life or death. The life-or-death investments spoken by you into others, pastor, is your move.

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