Grace and Law I: Our One Portion

In the coming weeks, we will be exploring the topic of the Christian’s relationship to the law. For the next two weeks, John will be visiting Psalm 119:57-61 to help us get a right approach to this question.

The primary question for the believer is to ask if Christ is my only portion? Do I look to other things for fulfillment, for security, for peace? Or do I look to Christ alone? Charles Bridges, in his commentary on Psalm 119, says, “He that chooses God in Christ for his delight and portion, may conclude confidently, that God has chosen him to enjoy Him, and be happy in Him forever.”

After John lays the foundation for this topic from Psalm 119, he will be joined by Steve Crampton for the remainder of the series. You may remember Steve from a previous series on revival.

Steve is a constitutional lawyer and has spent much of his life defending religious liberty in America. His life experience and knowledge will be a great asset as he and John Snyder discuss the relationship between God’s Law and God’s Grace in the life of a believer. This topic has caused much confusion and controversy over the years.

For now, may we pursue Christ as our only portion as we lay a biblical foundation for our discussion of the Christian’s relationship to the law.

Exposition of Psalm 119 by Charles Bridges: of Psalm 119.pdf 

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The Grace of Law: A Study of Puritan Theology:

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