History on the Table

History on the Table

The Resurrection isn’t a fable about liberation from the prison of this material world. Rather, the Resurrection is the beginning of a total renovation of this world. The Old Management has been tossed out on his ear, and New Management is running this place: the Risen Christ.

From the opening salvo of Genesis’ creation account, to the adventurous romps of the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Kings; from the scrupulous chronologies to the precise measurements for the tabernacle & temple; from the glorious conquests to the disastrous exiles, the Scripture is clear. It isn’t just a collection of moralistic assertions. It isn’t a book of food for thought for philosophers or theologians.

It’s a history. It’s our history. It’s a book about the world we live in, how God made it, and more to the point, how He redeemed it. Of course, it’s not only a history. Nevertheless, too often Christians are lured into thinking that the Scriptures are written to bring us to some higher plane.

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