How Should the Church Respond to the Josh Duggar Scandal?

Episode 702 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes


1. We were talking with a Catholic couple who said that Eve was Adam’s second wife. They say that this is taught in the Talmud and in Isaiah 34:14. Can you explain why we do not accept this teaching or hold to the Talmud?

2. In the Old Testament, it says that God hates the wicked. So, does this mean that God hated us before we were saved?

3. What happened to the aquatic animals during the time of Noah’s ark?

4. Why do people think that doing good works mean you’re saved, and why do people think that they are saved if they are baptized or say the sinner’s prayer?

5. How do Christians lead family members and coworkers to Christ?

6. With the recent news regarding the arrest of Josh Duggar, I do not understand how and why churches are able to have these kinds of predators in their midst. Why do these kinds of stories and scandals keep coming out? Shouldn’t churches be difficult places for these kinds of figures to hide instead of easy ones?

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