How Should You Pray for False Teachers?

How Should You Pray for False Teachers?

This does not at all condone dumbing down the truth, but we see that Paul would be an advocate for not only what Timothy says, but how he says it. By way of application, perhaps one of the best ways to resist a quarrelsome and hard-hearted attitude towards opponents of the truth is to pray for their salvation and that “they will come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil” (v.26).

So should you be praying for false teachers to repent, while maintaining a soft heart regarding the peril of their soul? I believe the Scriptures support that. Resist bitterness, speak the truth objectively, and be faithful to warn God’s precious flock concerning dangerous deceivers. It is love that compels us to care for saints and call out wolves (2 Timothy 1:3-7).

2: Pray that God would demolish their demonic ministries.

This may seem like whiplash from the last point, but stick with me! Notice I am not advocating for God demolishing “them,” but rather, their demonic ministries. Think of a wrecking ball taking out large swaths of a structure until it can no longer stand with strength — that is what we are allowed to pray for, biblically speaking. You might think, how can you dare to pray against someone’s ministry with such harsh terminology?

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