If You Have a College Student in Your Family, Don’t Miss ‘Surviving Religion 101’


Leaving home after graduating from high school is an exciting season of life—a time of new opportunities and challenges. For young Christians trying to fit in at a secular university, though, it’s also a time when their faith may come under attack.

Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College was written to prepare college-age believers to engage with a secular culture confidently and compassionately, but without compromising their faith. It’s written by a father of three who wanted his children to be able to answer questions commonly asked by unbelieving friends like:

  • Wouldn’t a loving God save everyone?
  • How could a good God allow so much suffering and evil?
  • Is homosexuality really wrong?

Each chapter of Surviving Religion 101 answers hard questions with truths from Scripture and prepares young adults heading out into the world on their own to respond when others challenge their beliefs. The author includes many biblical references and offers sound reasoning to counter the most common objections to Christianity. He addresses subjects like why we can trust the Gospels even though some details seem contradictory, why science and Christianity aren’t mutually exclusive, and how to be confident that the Bible truly is God’s Word.

Surviving Religion 101 will help young adults know what they believe and prepare them to defend their Christian faith with confidence and humility.

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