I’m Not Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit. What Should I Do?

Episode 730 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes


1. I work with first responders and sometimes they have to respond to tragic calls. There is not always a chaplain to help the community members, so what passages in scripture would you recommend first responders to share with people in those scenarios?

2. In John 6:52-53, Jesus says talks about eating his flesh and drinking his blood. This doesn’t seem to be a metaphor, so why don’t you accept Jesus’s words here that this is “truly” my flesh and blood as his real presence in the eucharist?

3. What are your thoughts about Christians working with their gay neighbors, how should we approach this?

4. When I read all the evidences of fruit that Christians are supposed to have, I know I lack in them, so it causes me to worry if I’m saved. Should we examine the fruit in our lives this way?

5. Are Christians allowed to drink alcohol?

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