Joel McDurmon on The SJ&G

As Joe and Jimmy continue their discussion on the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, they interview Joel McDurmon. Dr. McDurmon is critical of the statement and agreed to spend some time with the guys to share his perspective. Plus, Jimmy calls out Ed Stetzer’s goatee, and Joe CRUSHES Dr. McDurmon in a debate on cooking as husbands. It’s a great conversation we hope will encourage further discussion on the subject.

To hear the discussion with Tom Ascol on the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel click here.

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D., (on Twitter) is president of American Vision and has authored more than twenty books including: Restoring America One County at a Time; The Bible & War in America; Biblical Logic in Theory and Practice; God versus Socialism; The Return of the Village Atheist; and Jesus v. Jerusalem. Dr. McDurmon is also featured in several audio and video lectures on various topics of economics, apologetics, and church history. He has served with American Vision since 2008. Joel and his wife have four sons and one daughter.

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