Julie Roys, Journalism, and James MacDonald

Today the guys share their conversation with journalist, author, and speaker Julie Roys. They discuss the role of journalism as it relates to local churches and prominent leaders, and her her current work investigating Harvest Bible Chapel and Pastor James MacDonald. If you find yourself unaware of the recent controversy and scandal surrounding the megachurch pastor, you can read Julie’s article in World Magazine, Hard Times at Harvest, and her recent follow up at her own blog. In short, pastor James MacDonald is accused by many former elders, staff, and church members of serious sin.

Why would Julie write about all this? Isn’t it just gossip? We ask her, so listen in and find out. Why would we have Julie on to talk about all this? Because we care about the local church, and find ourselves ministering to . a lot of people who have come out of Harvest disillusioned and hurting.

You can follow Julie on Twitter at @reachjulieroys. Be sure to check out Julie’s website at julieroys.com, and her book, Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.

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