Just Paperwork in Heaven

Recently, a video was released by One Passion Ministries in which Steve Lawson answered the question, “What doctrine is most missing in churches today?” His answer was the doctrine of regeneration. While that sounds good, where he went with it was concerning. In the video, Dr. Lawson said that justification by faith alone in Christ alone is, in a sense, just paperwork in heaven–and that it does nothing to change your life. What do we make of that? How should we respond? Jon and Justin have that conversation on today’s episode.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin continue the conversation around Steve Lawson’s comments about justification, the new birth, and the change of life. The guys also talk about reasons for recording an episode like this.

Steve Lawson’s video “What doctrine is most missing in churches today?”
Our episode on “The Resting Heart Rate of the Christian Life”
Justin’s sermon on Faith Alone, In Christ Alone

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