Knowing Scripture II: Rules for Private Interpretation

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Christians have the privilege and responsibility of reading Scripture for communion with God. But that responsibility is not just for the act of reading. We must also study, understand, and apply it. But who are we, the average Christian, to say we have a proper understanding of Scripture when we are reading it privately?

That was one of the largest criticisms from the Catholic church toward the Protestant Reformation. Their argument was that if every individual had the ability to read and interpret Scripture by themselves, there would be no end to the heresies that would develop.

R. C. Sproul offers us some wonderful help in this regard by explaining some of the rules we must adhere to when individually reading and interpreting Scripture. In chapter two of Knowing Scripture, John Snyder sits down with Christ Church New Albany member Will Boyette to discuss what Sproul teaches us about the difference between objectivity and subjectivity and the importance of listening to the right teachers. Get your copy of Knowing Scripture here:

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