Life At and After College: An Interview with Abby

Life At and After College: An Interview with Abby

Yesterday was a big day! Abby and Nate both graduated from Boyce College—each with a Bachelor of Science (with Abby focusing on biblical counseling and Nate focusing on business). Years ago I began the tradition of interviewing my children when they finish high school and, with Abby now finishing up college, I thought I’d extend the tradition. So here are her thoughts on her college choices and experiences.

Four years ago you chose to go to Boyce College. Why did you choose Boyce? And four years later, how do you feel about that decision?

I chose to attend Boyce College after visiting Nick at a Preview Day. It was the first and only college I ended up visiting. The Preview Day was fun and informative, but spending time with my brother and his friends is what pushed me to choose Boyce. Seeing the friendships he had made and meeting other students showed me that Boyce was where I wanted to be. Attending public school up until college meant that I didn’t have many Christian friends, and I was really drawn to the kind of community that Boyce offered. Four years later I wouldn’t change a thing about my decision. I have loved my time at Boyce and I have made friendships that I know will last for years to come (not to mention I met Nate). I have grown in my faith and my knowledge of the Lord and have loved the last four years.

You originally enrolled in the communications program at Boyce but then switched to biblical counseling. Why did you eventually settle on counseling?

Honestly, I started at Boyce not really knowing what I wanted to do or major in. I went into my freshman year with an “undecided major” but working toward the communications program. I took my first communications class and knew right away that it wasn’t for me. At the same time, I had received some counseling after Nick passed away and I decided that I wanted to help people the way that I had been helped by the counselors the Lord placed in my life. I have now graduated with my degree in biblical counseling and hope that the Lord will use me to help point others to Him.

You chose to go to a Christian college after attending a public high school (and having a fairly good experience there). What was that contrast like?

The high school I attended did not have any other Christians that I knew of. Because of that, moving to a place where everyone professes to be a believer was a pretty crazy difference. It felt as though I could relax. I have made my closest friends in the last four years. Having friends who will pray with you, will ask you about your walk with the Lord, and that you sit next to in church, was life-changing and it showed me just how important Christian community is.

It was also such a change to have professors who sang hymns before class began or prayed with their students before a test. Instead of going into class knowing I was going to have to filter everything I was taught as I did in high school, I could go into class trusting the professors, knowing they ultimately wanted me to grow in my walk with the Lord.

What were some of the highlights of your college experience? Were there any negatives (and, if so, what)?

I think in some ways my college experience was a bit unusual. I entered into my freshman year during the height of COVID, which meant lots of adaptations and regulations that would not have been in place otherwise. It made settling into college life (and life in a new country) difficult and brought its own challenges. However, it also led me to become fast friends with the girls on my hall who are still my closest friends four years later. The friends I have made and all the different people I have met over these four years are definitely one of my top highlights. The professors who teach here love their students so much and really want the best for everyone they teach. Learning from them has truly been a blessing. College is a unique, fun, and short season of life and I loved my experience. But, the biggest highlight is Nate who I met during our time at Boyce!

I chose to go back to school the next semester after Nick died. That was a tough challenge. It was hard to leave my family and head back south. But, the Lord was so kind to sustain me through that time and I can see the evidences of his grace in the people he placed in my life.

What kind of person should consider attending Boyce College in the future?

I think any believer who is thinking about college should consider attending Boyce. Often, people think that schools like Boyce are only for people who feel called to pursue active ministry, but I don’t think that that’s the case. Anyone who wants to be surrounded by fellow believers for their college years, and learn from some of the best of the best professors should think about attending Boyce! You’ll love it—trust me.

Now that you have completed your degree, what’s next?

Next, Nate and I are moving back to the Toronto area and he will begin a new job in June. I am hoping to continue toward my ACBC certification once we arrive back in Ontario. I think for the most part we are going to enjoy being graduates and settling into our new home! It will be a change of pace and a new environment for us, but we are looking forward to it. We are also sad to leave Louisville behind, but thank the Lord for our time here and the blessings we have been given. It is a blessing to have things that we are sad to leave behind!

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