Masculinity with Paul Maxwell

The guys have Dr. Paul Maxwell in to talk about his perspective on masculinity. This conversation not only shows how complicated the issue of masculinity is, but also provides a helpful way to think through it in some fresh ways. Why is masculinity and femininity so controversial? Can we differentiate between the two in meaningful ways? This is deep stuff, so be sure to read his article or watch his video on The Crisis of Masculinity in a Postmodern Age.

Go deep with Paul at his website, Selfwire, where Paul engages modern intellectual issues from a conservative Christian perspective. Be sure to subscribe to the Selfwire Podcast and his Youtube channel.

You can also get fit with Paul at the Theofit website and podcast. And while you’re at it, check out Paul’s book, Pious Irreverence, published under his weird pseudonym, “Dov Weiss.”


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