Matching Actions and Words

Matching Actions and Words

This is not “a fine line” to walk….don’t be deceived, and don’t be manipulated. By staying home, you will communicate that you mean what you say, and you say what you mean. That may not please your gay loved one, but it will please God. In the end, that is what matters.

The American Family Radio Ministry recently announced that it has dropped pastor Alistair Begg’s popular Truth for Life program from its daily broadcast schedule. The decision followed the recent circulation of some remarks from a September interview in which Begg said he had counseled a grandmother to attend her grandson’s wedding to “a transgender person.” As long as she made her personal disapproval of the union known, Begg impressed strongly on her that attending the wedding (with a gift in hand) was the loving thing to do. Otherwise, he warned that her absence would “reinforce” her grandson’s perception that conservatives are “judgmental” and “critical.” He concludes this story by encouraging all Christians to make the same decision, for the sake of “building bridges” to the “hearts and minds” of our nonbelieving loved ones.

Begg says he’s aware that “people may not like” this answer, and indeed, these remarks caused a stir when they were brought to light. I speak for many when I say Begg is a personal hero, a faithful minister of the Word with sermons ranking among my all-time favorites. That ministry has included strong messages like this series on the sin of homosexuality. Sadly, while there was some hope he would reconsider and recant after the interview began widely circulating, the AFRM reports that he refused to do so.

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