Mode Matters

The guys are back and they are taking the how-to of baptism. Baptists dunk, dip, or immerse in water. But is mode that important? What did the. early church practice? Are there exceptions if providentially hindered from baptism by immersion? Plus, Jimmy has the bougiest grill ever.

Baptist Catechism Q. 100

Q. How is Baptism rightly administered?

A. Baptism is rightly administered by immersion, or dipping the whole body of the party in water, into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, according to Christ’s institution, and the practice of the apostles,⁠1⁠ and not by sprinkling or pouring of water, or dipping some part of the body, after the tradition of men.


The Baptist Catechism

A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptist Catechism by Benjamin Beddome

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