Monday, January 23, 2023


This is The Briefing, a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.

Part I (00:13 – 07:04)
Yesterday Marked 50 Years Since the Infamous Roe v. Wade Decision, But How Did That Decision Happen in the First Place?

Part II (07:04 – 14:15)
A Thunderclap Across the U.S. Moral Landscape: Justice Harry Blackman’s Majority Opinion That Led to Abortion on Demand

Part III (14:15 – 18:54)
The Awakening of the Christian American Conscience: The Emergence of the Evangelical Response to Roe v. Wade

Part IV (18:54 – 23:18)
Abortion and the Clash of Absolutes: You Either Recognize and Defend Life in the Womb or You Do Not

Part V (23:18 – 26:14)
The Power of Law and the Corruption of the American Moral Conscience: The Darkest Legacy of Roe v. Wade

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